MSCHF Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2

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Following the controversy surrounding their Satan Shoes with Lil Nas X, MSCHF preferred to stay within appropriate legal parameters, crafting shoes only “inspired” by existing icons. But now that collaborations are a much bigger part of their game plan, we’ll soon see the Brooklyn-based art collective reimagine many a prolific pair of sneakers.

After joining forces with the likes of Crocs and Kid Cudi, MSCHF is now reportedly teaming up with Reebok for a very special, collaborative take on the Pump Omni Zone 2. Spotted mid-production, the shoes boast a playful flair characteristic of the team that brought you the Big Red Boots. The design places an overt emphasis on the silhouette’s titular technology, as Pumps are placed not only atop the tongue but also all throughout the lateral and medial sides. Palette-wise, things are much more straightforward, as the colorway features a neutral dominant base with yellow and light blue trims/accents.

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Enjoy a very early look at the MSCHF x Reebok Pump Omni Zone 2 right here (photos via Complex). At the time of writing this, no firm release date has been confirmed; it’s likely, however, that we’ll learn more shortly.

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mschf reebok pump omni zone 2 2

new balance

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