Lillard considers himself, not Curry, as NBA’s best point guard

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Lillard considers himself, not Curry, as NBA’s best point guard originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

The debate surrounding who the best point NBA guard is can go on for hours, but not if you ask Damian Lillard.

The Portland Trail Blazers star recently had the conversation on the “It Is What It Is” podcast, and was asked if Warriors superstar Steph Curry was better than him.

“I don’t think anyone is better than me,” Lillard responded, firmly. “When I get on the court, that’s probably my greatest strength, is I believe what I believe. And that’s what it is.”

Host Cam’ron wanted to make things perfectly clear.

“You think you’re the best point guard in the NBA right now?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Lillard responded.

Of course, times have changed in the NBA, and for some teams, your point guard can be your center. Draymond Green is a facilitator. Domantas Sabonis has the ball in his hand a lot.

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And while Curry isn’t a traditional point guard, he’s certainly proved his elite talent over the last 14 years in the league, both by making plays for his teammates or shooting the lights out of the rock.

However, Lillard believes that if Curry had to play more of a true point guard role with the Warriors, the conversation would be very different.

“If Steph played in an offense like me, where it was required for him to have to have the ball more, we would get to see him do more point guard stuff,” Lillard said.

While the two guards have their differences in terms of their style of play, Lillard and Curry are very similar shooting-wise. Both can let it fly from well beyond the arc and are two of the best deep-range 3-point shooters in the league.

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Lillard’s answer might not have been a direct shot at Curry and more about the level of confidence he has in himself. Curry, too, knows where he stands on the all-time NBA point guard list.

The Warriors sharpshooter proclaimed he is the best point guard ever in Gilbert Arena’s podcast last month.

Lillard and Curry have an immense amount of respect for one another, but would fans ever see Lillard play for his hometown squad and team up with Curry?

“I respect what they’ve been doing over the last eight, nine years or whatever, and I’m from there obviously. That’s home. But I can’t go be a part of that,” Lillard said. “They won four championships. What I look like going to try to do that?

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“There’s somebody that plays my position that’s, behind LeBron [James], the best player of this era. So it don’t even make sense. I’d never do nothing like that. I’d lose every year before I go.”

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