Fat Joe Air Jordan 1 “Rubik’s Cube”

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In the world of ultra-rare sneaker collecting, nobody quite has the juice like Fat Joe. The BX native has always relied on the deep connections to the folks at the brand rather than throwing heavy amounts of money around like many modern collectors do, which is why he’ll always break the interwebs with some never-before-seen gems.

On Christmas day, Fat Joe revealed an unreleased Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG covered in patent leather, with each panel reflecting a different primary and secondary color. Juxtaposed with a Rubik’s Cube, it’s safe to assume that this SMU was inspired by the age-old toy.

Based on the silhouette of the AJ1 (particularly the shape of the ankle area), it’s possible that this Rubik’s Cube Air Jordan 1 is a few years old. Still, this only poses the question: What other sneakers is Fat Joe hiding from the world? That’s a riddle that may never be solved. Take a closer look at the shoes below.

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air jordan 1 rubiks cube 1

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