Coco Gauff vs Aryna Sabalenka – Women’s US Open final LIVE: American superstar chases her first ever Grand Slam victory in front of raucous New York crowd

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Follow Mail Sport’s live blog for all the latest as Coco Gauff faces Aryna Sabalenka in the Women’s US Open final.

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Emotional scenes after her first slam win

Her first Grand Slam title, in her home country, no less.

Gauff looked all at sea in the first set but battled back to win 2-6 6-3 6-2.

She has raced up to the stands to celebrate with her mother, father and other family members. Tremendous scenes for those American and otherwise.

It’s hard to believe she’s just 19 years of age.

Coco Gauff wins the US Open!

Arthur Ashe rises to its feet as Gauff leads 40-0.

Abd of course, it’s a ridiculous retrieval backhand down the line to win.

Two points away

Sabalenka hunches over after another unforced error, Gauff now within three points.

Gauff breaks right back, leads 5-2

A double fault, sheesh. Gauff now has a chance to break right back – with two break points.

She’s broken right back and can now serve for the US Open title.

It’s some game this

After a truly fantastic rally, Sabalenka hits inches wide on a backhand as Gauff raises her first.

The American has a 15-30 lead here.

Evenly poised

Gauff certainly looks more tentative menawhile Sabelnka is still going for the big shots.

15-15 all. Those points encapsulating the jekel and hyde nature of the No. 2 seed.

Sabalenka breaks – trails 4-2!

Well, well, well. Gauff hits a wide forehand and Sabalenka has a break back.

She still trails by a break of course, and 4-2 in the third.

Play now back underway

Gauff and Sabalenka tied at 15-15.

Sabalenka takes medical timeout

Sabelenka has now taken a medical timeout and is getting some work done on her inner thigh.

Meanwhile, Gauff is back on court practicing her serve ahead of the sixth game of the final set.

If anything else, while there may be an injury here, the Belarussian has time to collect her thoughts and recalibrate.

Sabalenka closes it to 4-1

Sabalenka shows some signs of life, as she holds serve to close the gap to 4-1.

The Belarussian is down two breaks.

Gauff rallies to hold serve, leads 4-0

Gauff wins three points in a row to lead 4-0, as much of the Arthur Ashe crowd rises to its feet.

How has this match turned around?

The challenge for Sabelnka is Gauff is now comfortable with the pace and power.

Meaning she has to go bigger with each shot and narrow the margin for return, hence the swathe of unforced errors.

Sabalenka surging

Well, here we go! Sabalenka wins the first two points and finally crushes them inside the lines.

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There’s another wide forehand, 15-30.

Gauff gets the double-break! She leads 3-0 in the third

Another unforced error for Sabalenka brings Gauff within three games of a US Open title.

What an unbelievable turnaround since the first set.

Break point for Gauff

Sabalenka battles back to 30-30 but hits wide on a backhand to give Gauff a chance for a second break.

Ashe is rising

The Arthur Ashe crowd is reaching fever pitch as we speak. And no wonder as Gauff has a 0-30 lead!

Gauff breezes to 2-0 lead

Gauff just rolls through her service game to take a 2-0 lead.

Sabalenka has the game and will to fight back, will it begin now?

Gauff breaks Sabalenka and leads 1-0!

Antoher forehand error, the 20th for Sabalenka, gives Gauff another break point.

And with authority Gauff breaks as Arthur Ashe erupts.

Sabalenka survives… for now

Gauff has Sabalenka stretching and now a break point. The momentum has most definitely turned.

The American is certainly the one in control here on Arthur Ashe.The sequence of Gauff’s ability to reach almost-unreachable balls before Sabalenka rattles off another laser is quite incredible.

On this occassion, Sabelenka wins the point and saves the break.

Wild start to the third set

Sabalenka’s play is both equally mesmerizing and perplexing.

Thrashes a forehand winner for 15-0, fires an overhead into the net. Then, a crushing backhand cross-court for 30-15 before a sloppy shot into the net.

Brave effort from Gauff

After Sabalenka won the first set in 40 minutes, despite a litany on unforced errors, Gauff roared back claiming the second in 44.

Gauff takes second set 6-3

Sabalenka cannot overcome Gauff’s retrieval skills as well this set.

Two set points for Gauff – and she takes it! Now, she takes it before heading down the tunnel for what looks to be a bathroom break!

Sabalenka holds! She trails 5-3

Sabalenka races to 30-0 before a sweet Gauff forehand gets here on the board.

The Belarussian makes Gauff serve for it.

Gauff holds, leading 5-2

Gauff refuses to let Sabalenka in on this service game – she leads 40-15 and closes it out.

She is in a promising position to level it at a set apiece.

Sabalenka holds thanks to the shot of the day!
Gauff leads 4-2

I said earlier Gauff had the best shot of the day, forget that!

Wow, what a point by these women, Gauff looked to have somehow won the point with a lob before Sabalenka answered with a forehand lob on the turn to perfectly to have a chance of closing this game.

Gauff holds on to lead 4-1

It’s that forehand again for Sabalenka. So often, it’s been a weapon but also her kryptonite.

She hits into the net and Gauff can close out her serve here. The Belarussian hits long and Gauff crucially keeps the break.

The breaths did not work!

Sabalenka now with a chance to break! The emotional Belarussian takes a few moments to compose herself before hitting a wild forehand to bring back deuce.

Chance for Sabalenka here

Sabalenka gets the luckiest of bounces off the net and somehow stayed in before rattling a forehand at Gauff who cannot return it.

She’s up 15-30 but hits one of her powerful strokes longer.

Gauff breaks and leads 3-1!

Sabalenka goes long and now finally has an opening. Break point for the American.

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The No. 2 seed goes way long on the first serve and misses the second too!

Coco with the shot of the day!

Another tense battle here in the fourth service game of the second set.

Sabalenka with the chance to closr it out at 40-30 – and she can’t!

Gauff somehow tracks the ball down and fires a bullet cross-court backhand to bring up deuce.

Gauff holds and leads the second 2-1

Just as Gauff was looking like running away with the service game, Sabelnka rattles off a forehand.

No matter, she wins it the very next point.

Sabalenka holds and it’s 1-1

Sabalenka rolling on serve

Sabalenka shows how unstoppable she can be with a tremendous cross-court forehand for a 30-15 lead.

A way off forehand from Gauff gives Sabalenka the chance to bring parity to the second set.

Gauff somehow holds to lead 1-0

Gauff is really struggling but Sabalenka can’t capitalize on two break points.

Three straight points for Gauff and she wins her first service game on a Sabalenka error. Big let-off.

Hear the Belarussian roar

Tennis - U.S. Open - Flushing Meadows, New York, United States - September 9, 2023 Belarus' Aryna Sabalenka reacts during her final match against Coco Gauff of the U.S. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Sabalenka takes the first set 6-2!

And she takes it as Gauff hits into the net!

Storming performance from the Belarussian early.

Set point Sabalenka

Sabalenka has two sets points after a cheeky finish at the net.

Gauff wins one back in large part thanks to a net cord.

Sabalenka breaks – and leads 5-2!

A lackluster shot from Gauff lands in the net and Sabalenka will serve for the set

Break points for the Belarussian

Sabalenka races to a 15-40 lead on Gauff’s serve.

Goes without saying, she’s in real strife here in the first set.

Sabalenka 4-2 Gauff

The Belarussian screams ‘come on’ after holding serve.

As one would imagine, the crowd quietens.

Adv Sabalenka

The first ace of the match 116mph from Sabalenka! Back to Deuce we go.

What a rally that was from the ladies, and it’s Sabalenka with the advantage after a big overhead.

Break point for Gauff

Finally, something of real quality! Sabalenka drills a forehand into the far corner with Gauff no chance — Deuce.

The Belarussian goes long on a forehand and it’s break point #2 for Gauff.

Sabalenka 3-2 Gauff

A lot of errors from both players throughout this service game and the match more broadly.– 30-30.

And now Gauff has break point – couldn’t, could she?

Sabalenka 3-2 Gauff

Sabalenka continues to tally up the errors, and is furious at a forehand which ended up in the net.

Sabalenka breaks again!

She’ll get another chance as Gauff hits long.

Third break point chance for the Belarussian. Gauff can’t contend with the power and is broken for the second time this set!

Sabalenka misses from point blank

The longer the points go, the likelier Gauff seems to win them.

Fifth game posied evenly here at 30-30 – and Gauff gifts a break point chance with a backhand into the net.

The American delivers a beastly forehand of her own to make it 40-40.

Wow!! Sabalenka again had the break in her hand but once more volleys into the net.

Gauff breaks! 2-2

She’s blown one with a sloppy forehand. 30-40 in favor of Gauff.

Sabalenka had Gauff on toast but couldn’t clear the net and we’re level!

Break point chances

Talk about struggles – now, it’s Sabalenka who trials 0-30 after a dobule fault.

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Of course, it’s a crushing forehand to bring her to 15-30.

Another double fault!! Gauff with two break points here!

Sabalenka 2-1 Gauff

Gauff goes to 30-0 up before an error welcomes Sabalenka in.

That door is slammed shut by a whipped forehand down the line for 40-15.

A Sabalenka forehand into the net and that’s game for Gauff.

Sabalenka 2-0 Gauff

And Sabalenka breezes through her first service game. Gauff’s only point came on a double fault from the No. 2.

1-0 Sabalenka

Sabalenka’s striking of a ball is definitely her superpower and it’s showing early.

Gauff is definitely struggling with the pace, down 30-0 on the Belarussian’s serve.

Break! Sabalenka 1-0

Sabalenka silences the crowd with a devastating forehand and takes the earliest of breaks!

Break point blown by Sabalenka

Gauff loses the first but ties at 15-15 after a Sabalenka error, bringing an expectedly large roar from the Ashe crowd.

Coco balloons a forehand into the air, almost looking like a tribute to a college football punt.

Sabalenka hits another unforced error to bring it to 30-30. Break point for Sabalenka as Gauff struggles to settle.

Wow, Sabalenka can’t hit a backhand volley over the net and blows it.

We’re underway – Gauff to serve!

Here we go – and it’s a fault to start!

Early nerves

Both players look a little nervous here – it will be interesting to see whether they affect the opening points and indeed service games.

The soon-to-be-number-1

A reminder that regardless of today’s result, Sabalenka will become the world no. 1 next week with the loss of Iga Swiatek in the round of 16.

Getting closer now…

The match is scheduled for 4pm ET, though it won’t start then. But coverage has begun for the match on ESPN and I assume it will commence within the next 20-30 minutes.

Not again hopefully…

Gauff’s last match vs. Karolína Muchova was stopped for 45 minutes by Fossil Fuel protesters. She managed to win nonetheless, but here’s hoping that the final goes smoothly.

Police officers remove a protester from the stands at a match between Coco Gauff, of the United States, and Karolina Muchova, of the Czech Republic, during the women's singles semifinals of the U.S. Open tennis championships, Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Guerin Charles/ABACA/Shutterstock (14087648j) Protestor against fossil fuel usage, disrupted a match between Coco Gauff and Karolina Muchova for more than 40 minutes at The US Open in New York City, NY, USA on September 7, 2023. US Open - Climate Protesters Halt Women's Semi-Final, New York City, United States - 07 Sep 2023

What a full-circle moment

Gauff the favorite to win

According to the IBM Power Index, Gauff has a 60 percent chance to win at her home Slam. Who are you backing to win the Open?

A bizarre moment in Sabalenka’s last match

Before the Belarusian went on to the finals, the match appeared to be getting away from her as she trailed in the second set. She even tossed a racket to her coach in the stands in a bizarre moment:

A new mindset for Gauff…

Gauff, just 19, is in her second Grand Slam final after losing in Paris last year. But the American believes she has the ‘maturity’ to go one further this time around. More from our Mike Dickson:

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How Sabalenka got here

While Gauff had a relatively straightforward semifinal win, Sabalenka won the final two sets vs. Keys via tiebreak. Here’s how things looked after the final point.

The final hurdle!

Hello and welcome to our coverage of the US Open women’s final between Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenka. Gauff was forced to come back multiple times in the beginning of the tournament, while Sabalenka recovered from a 0-6 first set against Madison Keys to reach the final. It should be a great match and we’ve got you all covered!

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