Boston Celtics HoFer Pete Maravich mint rookie playing card sells for record $500k

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During his time in the NBA, Boston Celtics Hall of Fame point guard “Pistol” Pete Maravich broke a lot of records and did so again earlier this month when one of his trading cards sold for a record fee. Per Bleacher Report’s Julia Stumbaugh, Pistol Pete’s “tall boy” rookie card was bought at an auction for $552,000.

In mint condition, the card instantly became the most expensive Maravich memorabilia, the fifth-most expensive pre-1980 basketball card of all time, and the costliest 1970 Topps card sold in history with the purchase. “The card was part of Topps’ “tall boy” set, a series of vintage basketball cards released in 1969 and 1970 which measured slightly more than an inch taller than standard cards,” writes Stumbaugh.

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Per the B/R reporter, “these cards are made even more valuable by the fact that they did not fit into the standard-sized protection cases available to collectors in the 1960s, making mint-condition ones like the 1970 Maravich card even rarer.”

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