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With the pandemic introducing more women to the benefits of hiking, Adidas Terrex has created a female-focused shoe for this growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Adidas Terrex WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy, according to the brand, is a hiking shoe developed specifically for the female anatomy. To develop a women’s-specific hiking style, Adidas Terrex said its design team explored the ways the female foot hits the ground and the impact this has on the Achilles tendon.

Adidas Terrex said the hiker was informed by women’s-specific insights, which came from testing in the mountains, anatomic foot specifications and women’s testing feedback. After it gathered its insights, the brand said it created several potential female-specific lasts that were used to gain insights from members of the Munich Mountain Girls, a community of more than 24,000 “mountain-loving women” based in the German city.

Their insights, Adidas Terrex said, allowed it “to assess which placement of cushioning and support provided the most effective hiking experience, as well as tracking durability between prototypes.”

Adidas Terrex WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy


“Our research shows that being outdoors in nature motivates 96% of women across countries to hike, as they look to connect with nature and escape the everyday,” Adidas Terrex product manager Rebecca MacKay said in a statement.  “Working alongside our internal last-specific team to gain insights from thousands of foot scans, we were able to analyze and design a shoe that matches what our research showed women are looking for: hiking products that are comfortable, durable, and importantly, offer performance. We hope this new range will continue to help women all over the world to experience the transformative power of the outdoors.”

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In terms of technology, the shoe was built with the brand’s Rain.Rdy waterproofing, Continental Rubber outsoles for all-condition traction and a stretchy collar with padding for an extra layer of comfort while helping ankles protected. Also, the shoes are made with at least 50% recycled content.

“The Terrex WMN Hiker Rain.Rdy is sleek, very comfortable, extremely durable and sturdy–making me feel super confident and empowered on approaches to crags whether it’s a dirt hill or talus rock hopping,” Adidas Terrex climbing athlete Brooke Raboutou said in a statement. “Comfort and durability in hiking shoes are important to me because it allows me to spend the whole day outside and not think twice about my feet being tired, sore or wet.”

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Raboutou added, “I’m so proud to be a part of the Adidas Terrex family because they are inclusive and supportive to female athletes around the world. There are many strong women representing the brand and supporting us on the inside. Having this level of support helps us reach our own goals, push the limits within our sport and inspire young girls across the world to do the same.”

Adidas Terrex WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy

Adidas Terrex WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy.

The Adidas Terrex WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy is available globally now via the Adidas App and with select retailers. The U.S. launch will take place March 28 via Adidas.com, on the Adidas App and at select retailers. Retail price is $160.

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In addition to the WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy shoe, Adidas Terrex has also launched a new women’s-focussed apparel range. The apparel, which is made in part with recycled materials, includes the Xploric Rain.Rdy Jacket ($320), the MT Full Zip Fleece ($70), the MT Tee ($42) and the MT All-Over Printed Tights ($75).

The timing of the release couldn’t be more appropriate. Although the data was not separated by gender, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) revealed in its 2023 Topline Participation Report that hiking participation increased for the fifth straight year. According to the SFIA report, there were 59.6 million hikers in 2022, a climb from the 58.7 million in 2021.

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