What Draymond thinks Steph Curry’s fake viral video says about Warriors star

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What Draymond thinks Steph’s fake viral video says about star originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

No one in the NBA world could believe their eyes when a video of Warriors star Steph Curry making five consecutive full-court shots quickly went viral last weekend.

Except, that’s the thing — people could believe it.

That, in and of itself, is just another example of the four-time NBA champion’s greatness, his teammate Draymond Green said on the red carpet in San Francisco on Thursday before Curry was honored as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year.

“Quite frankly, you get to a space where you’re like, ah, man, you just expect it,” Green said. “And yet every time, he always gives you something else to say, ‘Wow, that’s just amazing.’

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“I was just telling him the other day, I think one of the biggest compliments he’s ever received is everyone questioning whether those five shots were real. And I think we all know what five shots I’m talking about.”

The video, posted last Sunday by Sports Illustrated, shows Curry seemingly sinking five straight full-court baskets after Warriors practice. Golden State later confirmed the video to be fake, though Curry on Monday let reporters know he did make two.

“The doctored, the edited, the CGI-ed ,” Curry told reporters after the Warriors’ loss to the Indiana Pacers. “Nobody believes I made five in a row from 90 feet?

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“I’ll let them be the judge of that, but it’s an ultimate compliment to probably be amazed by it but not think it’s outlandish that it could be real … I did make two of them, just in case anybody was wondering.”

Curry occasionally attempts a full-court shot after his pregame warmup routine and has yet to make it, though he did hit the backboard at Chase Center last Friday before the Warriors took on the Chicago Bulls.

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But his tendency to make some of the wildest trick shots known to man had everyone guessing about the viral video.

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“If we saw anyone else do that, we’d say, ‘Oh, man. That’s fake.’ ” Green continued. “You have the world questioning if he actually made all five.

“Such a special talent.”

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