US captain Stacy Lewis bemoans the ‘massive missed opportunity’ of golf not jointly promoting the Solheim and Ryder Cup double-header

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  • Europe take on the US in the Solheim Cup from Friday and Ryder Cup next week
  • US captain Lewis believes golf should have jointly promoted the double-header

American captain Stacy Lewis believes golf has squandered a huge opportunity to jointly promote the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup double-header this month.

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The twin clashes between Europe and the US run back-to-back in Andalucia and Rome this week and next, but are separate entities with different sponsors.

Lewis revealed she attempted to bridge that gap, but hit a brick wall and worries such a chance might never happen again with the Solheim Cup reverting to even-numbered years from 2024.

She said: ‘I thought this could have been marketed together as two weeks in Europe, two Cups for play. I think it was a missed opportunity for the sport of golf.

‘I wish that people could get the sponsorship things out of their head and let’s figure out how we can work together because this may not ever happen again of the two Cups being in the same year.

American captain Stacy Lewis with the Solheim Cup trophy at Finca Cortesin in Spain

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American captain Stacy Lewis with the Solheim Cup trophy at Finca Cortesin in Spain

England¿s Georgia Hall is bullish about Europe's chances in the Solheim Cup

England’s Georgia Hall is bullish about Europe’s chances in the Solheim Cup

‘So I thought it was a massive missed opportunity. We tried to do a little bit with the guys and just weren’t really able to move things along the way I would have liked. I just would like to see it for the good of the game. It’s not to further women’s golf. Let’s further the game of golf in general.’

She added: ‘I tried really hard. I probably spent more time on it than I should have. But whether it was timing or it was too late in the process, I don’t know. I mean, to really market it correctly, like, this probably had to happen two years ago. So it’s something that going forward, I think the game of golf needs to get on the same page.’

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Europe head into Friday’s first session in pursuit of an historic third straight win. 

England’s Georgia Hall is bullish about their chances under Suzann Pettersen, saying: ‘I think this is the strongest team we’ve ever had on paper, for sure. There’s not one week player on our team. I think you can put out any of us at any time and I think we’ll perform well.’

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