Up Close Details – Carmina Custom Loafers

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Here we take a closer look at these Carmina custom loafers that I made in collaboration with them using their 3D custom tool which is one of the coolest things to come to the shoe industry! And quite dangerous as it is very addicting.

One can easily spend hours there designing their perfect pair on Carmina’s custom MTO page. I know that many of you already have! Thankfully, I had my design and colors already in mind! And here are the results: A very cool pair of naval color-themed Uetam tassel loafers. I have always loved the Uetam loafer as it has one of my favorite last shapes for a pair of loafers. I actually had a pair before, but sadly it was too small, and could never wear it.

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I was highly impressed with this new pair. I felt like they had made some subtle changes that elevated the look of them, such as the slightly pitched heel and the thinner welted sole to give it more of a Summery vibe. The suede was also so nice, soft, and luscious.

The Uetam is the perfect loafer for Summer! And when you are able to customize it, well then Bob’s your uncle! (A little expression from my London days 😉

Make sure to try the custom tool if you haven’t already and get yourself a pair of Carmina custom loafers for Summer!

Find this pair here: https://www.carminashoemaker.com/tassel-loafer-in-navy-suede-80215

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Here is the other pair that Carmina and I collaborated on: https://www.carminashoemaker.com/monk-strap-shoes-burgundy-vegano-maraca-repello-80180

Start customizing your pair here: https://www.carminashoemaker.com/custom-loafers

new balance

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