U.S. Shoe Shine and Patina Contest 2023

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In light of recent feedback, we have decided to change the qualification rules to the U.S. Shoe Shine and Patina Contest 2023 at the New York Super Trunk Show. We have decided to keep the rules exactly as the World Championship contests where only three photos need to be sent in for both qualifications. Due to this recent change, we have also extended the qualification date by one week for anyone that was reluctant to participate but now finds the process more achievable.

Please read the qualification article HERE for the full rundown of the new rules of qualification and participation as well as the event on the whole.

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For those of you that wish to know more about the New York Super Trunk Show, happening this October 14th, please read all about it HERE.

The contests and the event are organized by The Shoe Snob (myself), Shoegazing and Kirby Allison in collaboration with partners Saphir and Bridlen Shoemaker. The patina finalists will paint their shoes during the whole event, and the shoe shiners have 20 minutes to shine a shoe as lovely looking as possible.

This will be the very first U.S. Shoe Shine and Patina Contest and we look forward to seeing you there!

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