The NBA has a new flopping rule that may do more harm than good

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As we noted earlier today, the NBA has a new flopping rule that may do more harm than good for the 2023-24 season about to arrive. For one thing, there are doubts about the rule’s effectiveness, as players may still (and almost certainly will) exaggerate fouls that should be called, which can create confusion about whether a play had a legitimate foul being embellished, or incidental contact being sold as more than it actually was.

Add to that the fact that the coaches’ challenge rule has been modified to allow challenges at dead ball situations, but as good as that might sound for getting plays right, it could also lead to more stoppages in the game.

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To hear more details about what might be coming down the pike with regards to the league’s new flopping rule, be sure to check out the clip embedded below put together by the folks behind the “Locked On NBA” podcast.

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