The Ins And Outs Of Rihanna’s Relationships

Rihanna Fenty has a very romantic, idealistic vision of love relationships and may be disillusioned to discover that no real, flesh-and-blood human being ever quite lives up to her dream image of the “perfect love”. Though Rihanna frequently fantasizes about love and romance – she may avoid becoming intimately involved with anyone or making definite commitments. When it comes to love, Fenty can be evasive and dishonest with herself and others. Some of Fenty’s love yearnings may be expressed through art, music or an involvement with mysticism.

She is prone to get involved in highly intense, even obsessive relationships – “fatal attractions”, so to speak. At its darkest, this urge for intensity in the personal arena may compel Rihanna Fenty to choose friends or mates who are rather dangerous or dishonorable characters with a penchant for manipulating and inflicting pain on their “loved ones”. On the other hand, Fenty may be tempted to use her own sexuality or charm to play the same sort of game, to use love or friendship as a bargaining chip or to gain power over others. Even if her intentions are basically good, Rihanna Fenty will find that her closest relationships are rather tumultuous affairs in which some rather unlovely aspects of her (such as jealousy and the desire to dominate or to be a victim) keep showing their faces. These are qualities that need to be understood and ultimately outgrown.

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No matter how she appears on the surface, Rihanna Fenty has a very soft heart and others can always appeal to Rihanna’s sympathetic, affectionate side. She especially cares about the needs of children, mothers and families, and she wants a love partner who values marriage, home and family as much as she does. Fenty is profoundly offended by unkindness or harshness.

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She also gets a lot of emotional fulfillment through her involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, community activities, or a network of close friends who support and care for her. Rihanna Fenty makes friends her family, and she feels a close kinship with people who share some ideals or beliefs that she holds dear. Rihanna Fenty needs close relationships with people outside of her physical family.

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Rihanna inspires others to take positive action in their lives through her own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life’s challenges, and she is attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous and independent. Rihanna is rather bossy but does not like to be with people that she can boss around too much. She enjoys a good fight sometimes. Relationships that are built on mutual respect and emotional freedom are ideal for Fenty.

She is a dreamer who is attracted to the inner, mystical side of life, and may have trouble distinguishing the real from the imagined or illusory. Rihanna does not enjoy confrontation and becomes very evasive when problems in her personal life or relationships arise, and escapes into her imagination in order to avoid dealing with them directly. She is also rather gullible and naive about people, especially if her sympathy has been aroused. Rihanna Fenty is very sensitive to music and can use it to achieve emotional balance and harmony.

Powerful and complex emotions stir Rihanna Fenty, and her emotional life and closest personal relationships are apt to be tumultuous until Rihanna does some deep soul searching. Buried feelings and memories that she does not want to deal with may surface at unexpected times. Holding in fears, secrets, or “taboo” thoughts and feelings can only serve to intensify them, and Rihanna Fenty needs to share them with someone who is sympathetic, trustworthy, and fairly objective. Ridding herself of emotional compulsions and deeply embedded patterns that do not serve her can be tremendously liberating, if Rihanna Fenty is willing to do the necessary inner house cleaning.

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Her love feelings and desires are easily aroused but she may find it difficult to sustain her romantic interest in relationships after the initial, exciting “chase and conquest”. Rihanna Fenty enjoys a dynamic partner with a strong independent streak, and she does not like things to become too peaceful or predictable in the love arena. Rihanna wants to see sparks fly once in awhile, even if it means instigating a fight.

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