The Drop: A Roundup of August’s Best Sneaker Releases

new balance

August 2023 was the month of Yeezy releases. Slides, Foams, Knits, 500s, so many Yeezys to choose from. If you ask me? The 700 Utility Black was the best of the bunch. Ask a reseller, and they’ll tell you the best returns were on the Foams. But I’m talking to the people right now. The general public. The blue-collar sneaker lovers out there who saw the Roshe Run in 2012 and thought “You know what would be better? The same thing but triple the price.” And, still to this day, 10 years later, after trends have ebbed and flowed and changed, they still want the same thing. You’re an unusual bunch.

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All gone at retail, but cop now on eBay.

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new balance

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