The 80s and 90s Cricket Show: reliving triumph and tragicomedy | Cricket

The past is a foreign country, and we could all use a holiday right now. The Guardian can’t offer an all-expenses-paid trip abroad, that would be costly and a bit weird, but we can guide you towards a happy(ish) place, where things are done very differently: English cricket at the end of the last century. … Read more

No passing, no training, seven discs: the joys of 90s football gaming | Soccer

S Claridge races clear. [Pause.] He slides it past the keeper. [Pause.] And it’s in. It’s a line of commentary that won’t be familiar unless you spent the early 90s playing Championship Manager – the precursor to the ludicrously successful Football Manager empire. Last week a YouTuber from Plymouth gave up his job as an … Read more

Glazers’ heritage-hawking risks making Manchester United a 90s theme park | Manchester United

“It’s a write-off.” “A write-off of what?” “Jerry, all these big companies, they write off everything.” “You don’t even know what a write-off is.” “Do you?” “No.” When the business affairs of the Glazer family are mentioned, specifically the weird, laughing gas-powered takeover of Manchester United, it is hard not to think about Jerry and … Read more