Steph Curry reveals Chris Paul is already helping Jonathan Kuminga

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When the Golden State Warriors acquired Chris Paul as part of the Jordan Poole trade, there was a quiet hope that the veteran guard could help unlock Jonathan Kuminga. Paul has a history of elevating young talent and succeeded in helping Deandre Ayton while with the Phoenix Suns.

According to Steph Curry, who was speaking on a recent episode of the ‘Gils Arena Podcast,‘ Paul is already working with Kuminga. Curry noted how the two new Golden State teammates had been working out in the offseason, with Paul providing some tutelage regarding the pick-and-roll.

“Obviously a great leader in terms of his communication. He’s going to get on you, he’s going to overcommunicate — and we need that,” Curry said. “I’ve already seen him playing pick up, him helping [Jonathan Kuminga], how to help him run the pick and roll, where to be at, giving him confidence in those type of scenarios. That’ll help us in terms of trying to be more cohesive. When I’m on the floor, when I’m off, me and Klay [Thompson] being able to run off the ball if CP’s running the point.”

Kuminga is expecting to have a big year for the Warriors. The 20-year-old forward will be entering his third season and has an opportunity to earn himself a bigger role in the rotation.

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If Paul can have an impact on Kuminga’s overall play and help expedite the explosive forward’s development, Golden State will be a more well-rounded roster as a result.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire

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