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Stefano Bemer Second Steps program is now live and ready to be taken advantage of. You might be asking, what is that? Well, the Second Steps program is another way for you to trade in your old, unused, unwanted shoes for something new and appreciated.

How does that work?

You simply send in photos of the shoes in question and get a proposal back that you will either accept or reject. If you accept it, Stefano Bemer will send you a return shipping label and your SB store credit. You will then have 6 months to use that credit towards anything in the website excluding sale items but including other Swcond Steps inventory (which I presume will come in some months after people start trading in).

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What’s the catch?

Well, being that Stefano Bemer products are of a certain calibre they will only accept a certain calibre of shoe to trade in to get your credit. You cannot expect to trade in a $200 dress shoe and get anything of value. The approved list of shoemakers is as follows:

Saint Crispin – Corthay – John Lobb – Yohei Fukuda – Edward Green – Paolo Scafora – Bontoni – Enzo Bonafe’- Bestetti – Norman Villalta – Gaziano & Girling – Berluti – George Cleverly – Antonio Meccariello

Why would do they this?

One of the biggest hurdles of any company is getting someone to try your brand. And one of the best ways to get someone to do that is by taking the edge off of any uncertainty. It is usually done by discounts where people are willing to take more risk at a lower price. This is similar in the fact that depending on what you trade in, you can get a nice ‘discount’ per se and use that towards something you have been wanting. Its a win-win for both parties and is an ingenious idea.

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So how I start?

simply email [email protected] with as many photos as you can of your shoes in quesrton and await your proposal.

Getting a credit is usually always greater than getting money back so hopefully your options can allow you to flourish in a new item of clothing!

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