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Re trouble with turmeric stains (Is this turmeric an eternal stain? How to remove the toughest spots – from ink to sunscreen, 6 June), I’ve removed such stains from napkins and tea towels by leaving them in bright sunlight for a couple of days.
Matthew Wilde
Hexham, Northumberland

With regard to Annie Hall’s letter (7 June) about guessing the gender of an article writer, I do something similar on the bus. I always guess whether someone getting on will go upstairs or stay downstairs. Young people invariably go upstairs, but I am sometimes proved wrong. I am always surprised at the number of older passengers who leg it up the stairs.
David Gerrard
Hove, East Sussex

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In response to Rachel Meredith saying that the four-day week may worsen the climate crisis (Letters, 6 June), when I went down to a three-day week it never occurred to me to waste so much of the extra days in airports. A three-day weekend won’t give you much time to do anything. No, I expect most people will enjoy slowing down a bit and taking time to visit local places and events that they wouldn’t have had the time or energy for before.
Amore Robinson

Joe Root is rightly being praised for his batting in the first Test match against New Zealand (Sportblog, 5 June). But he has some way to go before equalling fellow Yorkshiremen Herbert Sutcliffe (average 60.7 runs in 54 Tests) and Len Hutton (56.7 in 79). Both Hutton and Denis Compton (50.1 in 78) – incidentally my childhood hero – had their best years lost to the second world war.
Gerry Emmans

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