Sandy Bodecker USC Nike Dunk 1 of 1 Sample Auction

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An extremely rare pair of Nike Dunks, with ties to influential Nike employee Sandy Bodecker, are being auctioned off for a good cause.

As the story is told, the Dunks were initially gifted to former Nike executive Rodney Tallman by Bodecker in 1985 and are believed to be the only pair in existence. Styled in a USC-like palette of maroon, white, and gold, the shoes are stamped with a September ’85 production date and are said to have predated the famed “Be True To Your School” Collection. It’s not known whether or not the sample is linked to that collection, which consisted of Dunks inspired by schools such as Michigan, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgetown, Villanova, Syracuse, St. John’s, and UNLV. The shoes come in a sample box with Bodecker’s name written across the top.

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new balance

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