Racism has not been purged from politics | Letters

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In 1896, the Indian cricketer KS Ranjitsinhji broke through a glass ceiling by being selected to play in a Test match for England. This did not mean that the Marylebone Cricket Club had suddenly become a colour-blind champion of racial equality. While I welcome the fact that someone of Asian heritage has become prime minister, I do not suppose that this means racism has been purged from British politics in general.
Gerrard Raven

The word “legilium”, used by your correspondent (Letters, 26 October), was unrecognised by all the internet-accessible dictionaries I have available. However, Google led me to 2,000 sellers of church furniture. Perhaps lexicographers should go out more, on Sundays.
John van Someren

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I’ve read a few articles on hoarding, most recently yours on the late actor Richard Harris (Richard Harris archive donated to Cork University, 24 October). I cut them all out and keep them.
Brian Dixon
Darlington, County Durham

Faced with a problem of pupils loitering in the loos, a headteacher I once worked for urged any staff passing the toilets “to put their head in” (Letters, 27 October).
Dave Verguson
Lindley, Huddersfield

Can the home secretary, Suella Braverman, outlast a Tesco tomato?
Margaret Coles
Petersfield, Hampshire

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