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ON On Cloudstratus 2 Introduction

The ON Cloudstratus 2 is stated to be a very cushioned daily trainer. I can agree that it is somewhat plush but there are many other shoes out there that outdo the Cloudstratus.

I personally like the feeling of them but they are not like other max-cushioned daily trainers. I would describe them as being supportive yet firm.

This is my first pair of On shoes, and I know they are known for their firm midsoles. This updated version is more comfortable and versatile than the previous model.

From the design, color, and materials, On has made a beautifully well-crafted daily trainer. You will pay a pretty penny for them. They are around $170. It’s a little on the pricey side but I can assure you they are of the highest quality.

They fit true to size but would suggest that if you have a narrower foot look at the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 or the On Cloud 5 surf. It does fit a tad wide.

Weighing in at 10.7 oz. (303 g) for a US M10.5 / 9.5 oz. (269 g.) for a US W7.5, they are a perfect weight and don’t feel like you’re lugging two bricks around. They have a 6mm heel drop with neutral arch support and are great for those runners who have wider feet.

The new technology On uses in the Cloudstratus is a double stack of pods in the midsole which is made up of Helion foam. The upper is extremely breathable through the toe box but then gets thicker as the shoe travels back to the midfoot and heel.

Like most brands, On has been on a mission to become environmentally friendly. They are making their packaging from 100% recycled materials. The Cloudstratus has 75% recycled polyester material.

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ON On Cloudstratus 2 First Impressions

This was my first pair of On running shoes. And to be honest, I never considered them a true pair of running shoes. I thought they were just for gym-goers and walking around in sneakers.

Right away when I opens the box and saw how pretty they were. There isn’t one thing I would change about their appearance. They have a fresh and stylish look to them that would indeed be a great choice to just wear with your athleisure attire.

The first thing I noticed was the unique lacing system and their signature midsole.

Putting them on for the first time felt different. They were firmer than I anticipated and I could feel each individual bubble pod on the midsole. I used them to take my kids to Hershey Park for a full day of riding rides. Zero issues and my feet felt great still at the end of the day.

Wearing them for my first run made me realize, ok….. I think this On brand has something going on here. I took them out for a 6-mile moderate-pace run and was hooked.

After the initial break-in, you stop noticing the pods on the bottom and begin to feel the beautiful forward motion the shoe gives your stride. It’s a very cushioned shoe that gives you a high-energy return.

ON On Cloudstratus 2 Upper

I have never had a pair of shoes with a 5-star lacing system. I was unsure at first but the moment I pulled them tight I was a big fan of it. This system allows runners to customize their preferences when locking in the midfoot. The laces themselves are normal and stayed tired.

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A downside to this lacing system is that it does take a little longer to tie them compared to a standard lacing system.

One of the main reasons that the upper is so comfortable is attributed to the inner sock liner that is attached to the tongue. It’s plush and super soft. I personally have not worn them without socks but I know people who have and they love how they feel.

It’s made with engineered mesh that is very breathable. A great choice for warm weather running. There is plenty of room in the toe box and the slightly stretchy upper allows for wider feet to feel comfortable.

The heel counter is plastic and is built up around the heel and ankle. You’ll notice the locked-in feel you get as soon as you place your foot into them and absolutely no slipping.

ON On Cloudstratus 2 Sole Unit

On is known for their signature midsole that you notice on all their shoes, except with the Cloudstratus they have two rows of the Cloudtec Helion Foam. It looks like small pods that run the full length of the midsole and stop at the toes.

In the previous model, they stopped before that. It’s a combination of EVA and OBC, which is pretty much a harder material and a softer one that is combined.

The cloud-based cushioning used on the Cloudstratus is on the firmer side as I mentioned a few times but it’s a good thing. You have a more responsive feel that sometimes you might not get in an extra plush running shoe.

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On has developed a plate that runs through the length of the shoe called Speedboard. It sits in between the foot and foam. At the forefoot of the shoe, there is a toe spring.

When you combine this with the Speedboard it gives you a rockered feel and works exceptionally well when you want to just get those uniform miles in. When trying to pick up the pace you will notice that it starts to feel heavy for those faster efforts.

The tread on the midsole is strategically placed around the parameter of the shoe. It performs well on various surfaces and grips nicely.

The Cloudstratus would not be a shoe I would take on a trail or any place rocky. There have been a few times I have tried to go on pebble paths and each time I get a rock stuck in the guidance line.

ON On Cloudstratus 2 Conclusions

My conclusion on the On Cloudstratus is that it’s a great running shoe. It’s for the runner who enjoys a firmer ride.

The overall quality, look, and technology the Cloudstratus has shouldn’t go unnoticed. I receive numerous compliments on how much people like my shoes.

Besides just looks, they have been delivering in all areas as well as durability. I have close to 150 miles on them now, and no noticeable wear and tear.

They have recently been the shoe I keep reaching for when I’m going out for a run.

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