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The Nike Quest 4 is a durable daily trainer for those looking for a do it all shoe. Coming in at around $75 dollars, this shoe would be a good pick for someone wanting a shoe that works in the gym, as a lifestyle shoe and can be taken to the roads in the same day.

Nike Quest 4 First Impressions

Unboxing the shoe they felt heavier than I expected for a shoe that Nike claims is a fast day shoe.

The midsole is very firm and was difficult to bend. My first run in them was an easy pace 4 miler around my town. The midsole was shockingly firm and I was hoping that they would soften the more miles I put on them (more on this later).

My first run was on a hot day and I could tell very early on that the upper would be hot and not very breathable.

Nike Quest 4 Sole Unit

All I could find on the midsole from Nike is that this is a “textured foam midsole.” Nike touts that more for durability than comfort, and I would agree.

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I felt very little energy return during easy runs and a little more during some quick striders.

The transition is clunky and the shoe suffers the same “bottom heavy” feeling that I get from any of the new Pegasus models. There is a lot of rubber on the bottom, adding to the durability but also adding weight.

I ran in this shoe twice during a rainstorm and always felt in control. The traction is very good, so much so it made me wonder how they would work on a hard-packed trail.

The midsole is beyond firm, much more than a New Balance 880 which I enjoyed very much because it had the right amount of firmness with comfort and support. This shoe isn’t that. The ride is harsh on the road, I noticed no shock absorption.

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Shoe works well if midfoot to forefoot striking. When I landed more towards my heels, I found the ride to be very harsh and the heel to toe transition required a lot of effort.

Nike Quest 4 Upper Unit

The upper fit is nice. Ample padding on the tongue and heel made for a comfortable and well fitting upper. While I found it to be a little warm, it kept water out while running in the rain.

The Flywire eyelets allowed for the material around the midfoot to be pulled as tight as you’d like for a very customizable fit. The tongue is gusseted and stayed in place for the entire run, no matter conditions.

There is a slight “elf’s ear” to support the Achilles. I never noticed any rubbing or discomfort.

Nike Quest 4 Conclusion

Coming in at $75 dollars, the Nike Quest 4 would make a good one shoe option for anyone interested in that.

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It can be worn in the gym, road running in all conditions and light trails just the same. Despite Nike’s claims of a higher stack shoe for added comfort, I unfortunately did not find that to be the case.

If you are a runner who has a shoe for easy/daily miles, this could be a more speed day focused shoe for your rotation.

This is not a shoe for an experienced runner with several shoes in rotation.

When compared to Pegasus, Asics Novablast, Saucony Shift or other do it all shoes, this is a good price point but the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true.

As editorial policy, we do not accept free samples from companies.
We purchased this pair of Nike Quest 4 at Running Warehouse with our own money.

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