Meek Mill Argues With Sneaker Reseller Over High Prices

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Whether people like it or not, reselling is a huge part of sneaker culture, and it has only gotten bigger as the years go by. But that doesn’t mean they can’t try and haggle resellers on a better deal from time to time.

That’s what happened when multi-platinum rapper Meek Mill attended the Got Sole sneaker convention in New York City over the weekend, where he was seen browsing shoes from various booths across the event.

One of the more notable moments was him arguing with a reseller over the high prices of the popular “Pine Green” Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 collab. The sneaker dropped in March in limited numbers, and at the time of writing, it resells for around $380 on StockX. In the video, the seller was asking for $500, which led to Meek calling him out on the inflated pricing.

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“I could buy these at the store right now for $300,” Meek Mill told the reseller. “That’s a bad move, that’s a bad sell. I’m going to buy it from you. I might come back and buy more. Now I’m going to the next table and might spend $5,000.”

In addition to the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 collab, Meek also copped the Crocs x MSCHF Big Yellow Boots at the event for $500, talking the seller down from the original $575 asking price.

Readers who can check out the incident between Meek and the reseller, as well as his other pick ups, in the videos below.

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