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Have you looked at your shoe collection recently and thought I need to organise this but don’t know where to start? We’re here with our top tips for storing your shoes correctly, helping to preserve their quality and longevity. Whether it’s just a few select pairs you own or you’re a shoe fanatic with an ever-growing collection, knowing how to look after your shoes correctly is key.

Clean before storing

Before storing your shoes, make sure they are clean and dry. Wipe off any dirt, dust, or moisture using a soft cloth. Cleaning your shoes prevents the buildup of dirt and stains over time, which can deteriorate the materials and affect their overall look. We would recommend our Renovating Cream for any leather styles, it’s a specially formulated cream to clean and condition the smooth leather of your Hotter shoes. Highly pigmented to give outstanding performance even on badly scuffed areas after just one application.

Sort and declutter

Take the opportunity to sort through your shoe collection. Separate shoes you wear frequently from those that are seasonal or less often used. Are there any shoes you haven’t worn for a number of years? Consider donating these to charity or friends or family. Look to see if you have any shoes that are no longer wearable and drop these at your local shoe recycling point. This will help declutter your storage space and makes it easier to organize your shoes effectively.

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Choose the right storage solutions

Selecting appropriate storage solutions is crucial to maintaining the quality of your shoes. Here are some options to consider:

Shoe racks or shelves: Open shoe racks or shelves allow air circulation, preventing moisture buildup. Ensure the racks have enough space between shelves to avoid squishing or deforming the shoes.

Clear shoe boxes: Transparent plastic shoe boxes protect shoes from dust and moisture while allowing you to easily see the contents. These boxes are especially useful for shoes you don’t wear often.

Over-the-door organizers: These organizers are ideal for saving floor space. They can hold various shoe types and are particularly useful for frequently worn shoes.

Shoe cabinets: Closed shoe cabinets with adjustable shelves provide a tidy and concealed storage solution. Make sure there’s enough room for air circulation inside the cabinet.

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Proper placement

Where and how you place your shoes within your chosen storage solution matters:

Keep heels supported: To maintain the shape of high-heeled shoes, use shoe trees or rolled-up towels to support the heels.

Avoid prolonged sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade shoe colours and damage materials. Store shoes away from windows or use curtains to shield them from excessive sunlight.

Ventilation: Choose storage solutions that allow air to circulate around the shoes. Proper ventilation prevents Mold growth and maintains freshness.

Consider shoe inserts and shoe trees

Invest in high quality shoe inserts or insoles. These not only enhance comfort when wearing your shoes but also help maintain their shape during storage. Insoles can also absorb moisture and odours, ensuring your shoes remain fresh.

Shoe trees are invaluable for storing shoes as they maintain the shoe’s natural shape, preventing creases and wrinkles that can develop during storage. They help to stretch the leather and fabric gently, allowing the shoe to retain its intended form. Shoe trees also facilitate proper air circulation, reducing moisture and odour buildup. This preservation method significantly extends the lifespan of your footwear.

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Rotate your shoes

Frequent wear can strain shoes and lead to quicker deterioration. Rotate your shoe selection regularly to give pairs a break and extend their lifespan. This is especially important for leather and suede shoes, as they benefit from extended rest periods.

Store seasonal shoes separately

To optimize space and accessibility, store seasonal shoes separately. When a particular season ends, clean the shoes, and place them in designated storage to make room for the upcoming season’s footwear.

Effective shoe storage goes beyond simple organization – it’s about preserving the quality and appearance of your footwear for years to come. By following these tips, you can ensure that your beloved shoe collection remains in excellent condition. Remember to clean your shoes before storage, choose appropriate storage solutions, and provide proper support and care. With the right approach, your shoes will continue to bring style and comfort to your every step.

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