Kyrie Irving facing $50,000 fine?

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Mo Dakhil: Um, Kyrie is going to get a big fine but my man in bottom right corner’s face has me dying. Bobby Marks: The most he can get is $50K.
Source: Twitter @BobbyMarks42

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Breaking down an instant classic: A Nets-Celtics deep dive on Kyrie, the series as a whole, potential adjustments, Jayson Tatum’s growth, and plenty more. – 2:39 AM

J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
If you’re gonna switch off this and send Drummond to the ball 22 ft from the rim, it can’t get into the paint bc it’s Curry v Horford on his dive with … Kyrie as the weakside helper. No chance in stopping this. None #NetsCeltics AM

Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Radio Roulette is live @UnderdogFantasy
• Epic Game 1 in Boston
• Tatum’s Spin/Kyrie’s Spun
• Heat dismantle Hawks
• Suns good
• Bucks punch time clock
• i watched Severance finale
• Chase Briscoe JAIL for Bristol Dirt finish
Join us! ⬇️… – 11:45 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie Irving makes his point, but Nets fall in Game 1 as Jayson Tatum hits buzzer-beating layup for Celtics… via @Newsday11:21 PM

Steve Bulpett @SteveBHoop
Celtics-Nets numerology…
— Both teams made 42 FG and went 19-24 on FTs. But Celts got 11 more shots from floor because of 14-5 offensive rebound edge
— Al Horford with a smooth 20 pts and 15 rebs
— Durant was on bench when Kyrie went off, so he finished a minus-13 – 10:12 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie stars and swears. But Nets fall in Game 1 as Jayson Tatum hits buzzer-beating layup for Celtics
Kyrie Irving scores 39 points, but Boston’s Jayson Tatum nails winning layup.… – 10:11 PM

Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
New: Marcus Smart’s coaches have always told him that as the buzzer nears, there’s more time on the clock than it seems.
In this case, time stood still, and the Celtics found a way to win a thriller over Kyrie and the Nets.… – 10:05 PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
#Nets lose heartbreaker to #Celtics at buzzer in Game 1 despite Kyrie Irving’s 39 points… via @nypostsports9:28 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Kyrie made it clear after Game 1 — he would have “the same energy” for Boston fans that they have for him. He wasn’t backing down after dropping 39 points — and a couple middle fingers on Sunday.… – 9:27 PM

Nick DePaula @NickDePaula
Which Bull had the best #NBAPlayoffs kicks for Game 1?
• DeMar in the #BHM Kobe 6
• Vuc in the Kyrie Infinity iD
• Derrick Jones Jr in the “What the” KD 6
• Zach in the NB Two Wxy 2 PM

Ben Rohrbach @brohrbach
For @The Vertical from TD Garden: Jayson Tatum plays hero to Kyrie Irving’s villain.… – 8:58 PM

Kyrie Irving responds to flipping off Celtics crowd during postgame press conference after Game 1 loss… – 8:51 PM

Tom Westerholm @Tom_NBA
Kyrie: “It’s not every fan. I don’t want to attack every Boston fan, but … there’s only but so much you can take as a competitor, and we’re the ones expected to be docile and be humble and take a humble approach.
“Nah, fuck that. It’s the playoffs. This is what it is.” – 8:47 PM

Scott Cacciola @ScottCacciola
Kyrie scored 39 and gave fans the double bird. The Celtics took the win. On an electric Game 1 from Boston:… – 8:26 PM

Mark Murphy @Murf56
Kyrie on flashing his middle finger today: “I don’t want to attack every Boston fan, but when people start yelling pussy, and bitch and fuck you, there’s only so much you can take. We’re expected to be docile and be humble. Nah, fuck that. It’s the playoffs.” – 8:08 PM

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops
Shaq and Chuck basically call Kyrie soft for reacting to the fans. PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
I’ve been asked a bunch for a Kyrie take, so here goes:
I don’t care about him yelling back or flipping the bird. He’ll lose money for it, but I believe him when he says he doesn’t care about the money. Maybe everyone should be better, but they aren’t. So, he can say/do whatever. – 8:01 PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Celtics win Game 1 vs. Nets on a Jayson Tatum spinning buzzer beater over Kyrie Irving after Irving flipped off the fans earlier in the game. Yes, this is real life & yes, this series is gonna be wild.
Quick read from the Garden from @Jay King & me… – 7:58 PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Hard to wrap your head around how the Celtics won a game at the buzzer when they had four 20-point scorers & took Durant out of his game. Yet both teams had almost exactly the same number of made shots, 3s, FTs, steals, blocks & blah blah blah. Really was just Kyrie’s early 4th. – 7:54 PM

Anthony Puccio @APOOCH
Most fun I’ve had at a game in a while. One Celtics fan said to me, “I’ve never seen to so many Nets fans here.”
The bickering.
NY v Boston.
Ongoing history (Kyrie).
Perfect first-round matchup that neither team will escape easily… – 7:41 PM

Brian Geltzeiler @BGeltzNBA
Quick Celtics/Nets thread.
The last two possessions were a microcosm of these two teams have been defensively this season. Celts force a Durant fadeaway 25 foot miss at the shot clock buzzer and Durant/Irving get beat backdoor by Tatum for game winner at buzzer… – 7:39 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“I don’t think he worries about it, I think he just plays his game and do what’s required out there and tonight the shot making, controlling the game for us, was incredible.”
Kevin Durant talks about Irving’s back-and-forth with fans and a hostile environment. PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“Nothing to overthink with Kevin Durant, we know who he is. We know he’s gonna go back, watch film and prepare.”
-Kyrie Irving isn’t worried about Durant’s tough shooting night. PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“When people start yelling p-y or b-ch and f-k you…there’s only but so much you can take as a competitor….If somebody’s gonna call me out …I’m gonna look them straight in the eye and see if they’re really about it. Most of the time they’re not.”
-Kyrie Irving PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving: “When people start yelling ‘pussy,’ and ‘bitch’ and ‘fuck you’ and all this other stuff, there’s only but so much you can take as a competitor, and we’re the ones expected to be docile and be humble and take a humble approach. Nah, fuck that. It’s the playoffs.” – 7:24 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Kyrie: “When people start yelling p**** or b**** and f** you, and all this stuff there’s only but so much you can take as a competitor. We’re the ones expected to be docile and be humble, take a humble approach, f*** that, it’s the playoffs. This is what it is.” – 7:24 PM

Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Kyrie Irving comments on the Boston crowd. PM

Ben Golliver @BenGolliver
Nets’ Kyrie Irving on Celtics crowd: “When people start yelling p—- and b—- and f—- you and all this, there’s only so much you can take as a competitor. We’re the ones expected to be docile and humble. … Nah, f—- that, that’s the playoffs.” PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie’s donation to NBA charities will have the calculators spinning. In game, post-game. Cover your ears kids….well, not the kids here in Boston who heard worse all game long. – 7:11 PM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Kyrie Irving flips off Celtics’ crowd after difficult made 3 (VIDEO)… – 7:10 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“Nothing to overthink with Kevin Durant we know who he is.”
-Kyrie Irving on KDs tough shooting game.
“We had the game in control. Final second shot beats us and now we’re sitting here answering questions about hostility and s—t like that.” – 7:09 PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Kyrie Irving on the back and forth
with #celtics fans: “Embrace it. It’s the dark side. Embrace it.” #Nets7:08 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“He was doing all the little things — We know how high his expectations are for himself.”
⁃Kyrie Irving on Kevin Durant – 7:07 PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Kyrie Irving on flipping off #Celtics fans: “The same energy they have for me, I’m gonna have the same energy for them. And it’s not every fan…but when people start yelling, p*ssy, b*tch and f*ck you, there’s but so much you can take as a competitor.” #Nets7:07 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Kyrie Irving says he’s giving the Celtics fans the same energy back to them he’s getting from some but not all of them. He says he hears words like p—y or b—ch. Doesn’t think there’s any true hostility here happening though. – 7:06 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Jayson Tatum in Game 1:
— Turnaround fadeaway over KD
— Led Celtics in assists
— Blocked KD jumper
— Blocked Kyrie
— Game winner at the buzzer
Did we miss anything? PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Kyrie Irving on the hate he receives in Boston:
“Embrace it. It’s the dark side. Embrace it.” – 7:06 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving says he’s giving the same energy back to fans that they give to him. – 7:04 PM

Vivek Jacob @vivekmjacob
giannis pulling up like that less than 2 mins in almost as disrespectful as kyrie throwing it off the backboard to lebron on the opening possession of the series against the raptors – 6:45 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
I’ll see more on the re-watch but quick thoughts:
-KD won’t shoot that bad again all series
-Kyrie probably won’t shoot that well again
-Boston won’t defend that badly again
-Bench difference should even out
-It’s going to be a long, fun series – 6:42 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“We just make silly mistakes….Kyrie’s been amazing, he was carrying us this game. He did his job. But we have to help him.”
-Goran Dragic talks about the #nets making too many mistakes, plus didn’t support Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant enough. PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“This is a guy that’s made the game winning shot in The Finals, he’s played in the Olympic… All-Star game MVP, I don’t know that there’s any atmospheres that are really gonna rattle him.”
-Steve Nash was asked about Kyrie Irving dealing with a hostile environment. PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie gets his points and his frustration out, but Nets fall in Game 1 as Jayson Tatum hits buzzer-beating layup for Celtics… via @Newsday6:32 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Ime Udoka on the Celtics barking at each other on the open Kyrie Irving three: “We had a missed rotation. We had a few breakdowns. It’s something we’ll work on cleaning up.” – 6:30 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
Goran Dragić says,
“Kyrie (Irving) was amazing. He was carrying us.” – 6:27 PM

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Dan Favale @danfavale
—the nets *almost* won despite a game in which kd was less than superhuman
—but they lost despite an epic game from kyrie and winning the non-kd minutes
—aaaand the rest of their roster ain’t changing – 6:23 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Steve Nash on Kyrie playing through the crowd noise: “This is a guy that’s made the game winning shot in the Finals, he’s played in the Olympics, all-star game MVP.” – 6:20 PM

John Schuhmann @johnschuhmann
Without looking back at the film, feels like Tatum’s defense was awesome against Durant & not nearly as awesome against Irving.
2 great offensive players, very different in regard to keeping them in front of you. – 6:20 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
-Brown – getting the quick 2 to preserve the 2-for-1
-Incredible defense on Kyrie and KD on last Nets possession
-Smart finding Tatum
That’s a sequence man. – 6:19 PM

Sam Quinn @SamQuinnCBS
Kevin Durant probably won’t shoot 9-of-24 again.
Brooklyn’s role players probably won’t shoot 21-of-34 again.
Kyrie will probably have at least one more killer game like this, but he’ll have some lesser games too.
I really don’t know what to make of Brooklyn right now. – 6:18 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Steve Nash says he doesn’t know if there’s any atmosphere that’s gonna rattle Kyrie Irving. – 6:18 PM

Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report
Epic Game 1! #Nets showed real heart, roaring all the way back from down 15. Kyrie was sensational, KD going to have a huge series. #Celtics’ calling card has been defense: How will Nash adjust to C’s pliable lineups? I’m on @NBCNewYork 2nite breaking it all down w/@BruceBeck4NY! – 6:17 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“There aren’t any atmospheres that are really going to rattle him.”
⁃Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving – 6:17 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“We needed him. He was brilliant.”
⁃Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving – 6:17 PM

The Ringer @ringernba
Jayson Tatum watching Kyrie go off PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics win 115-114. Lead series 1-0.
Tatum – 31/4/8
Brown – 23/5/3/4/2
Horford – 20/15
Smart – 20/7/6
Celtics – 47.2% FGs
Celtics – 12-33 3Ps
Celtics – 14 TOs
Irving – 39/5/6/4/1
Durant – 23/4/3
Claxton – 13/8
Dragic – 14 points
Nets – 53.8% FGs
Nets – 11-24 3Ps
Nets – 16 TOs – 6:12 PM

Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria
Now on @njdotcom
NBA Playoffs 2022:
Kyrie Irving pours in 39 points, flips off Celtics fan during Brooklyn Nets’ Game 1 loss… – 6:12 PM

James Boyd @RomeovilleKid
I can’t wait to watch this Kyrie Irving presser. 😂😂 – 6:11 PM

Michael Grange @michaelgrange
That was entertaining. Damn. What a play by Tatum and what a quarter by Kyrie. Whatever you think about him, he’s pure hoop genius. Fun. – 6:09 PM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Boston-Brooklyn is an all-time classic NBA game. An ALL TIME CLASSIC. We had Kyrie giving Boston fans the finger while dropping 39/6/5. We had Jaylen Brown out there bleeding in the final minutes. Tatum buzzer beater layup on a great final possession. Just so much superstar shit – 6:09 PM

Tom Westerholm @Tom_NBA
Much was made of the Celtics needing to take advantage of KD missing all those shots, and that’s true, but the Nets probably also needed to take advantage an otherworldly Kyrie game and the Celtics missing all those shots at the rim. – 6:09 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
It was crazy because it reached a point where the #Celtics tripled Kyrie so he could pass to Durant, who missed the potential dagger jumper. Kyrie was that good today but not quite good enough for the win. #Celtics #Nets – 6:09 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Final: Jayson Tatum’s spinning layup carries the Celtics over the Nets 115-114. Kyrie Irving was brilliant, Kevin Durant wasn’t himself and the supporting cast was solid. Goran Dragic was fantastic. Celtics lead the series 1-0. @Jared Weiss has a story coming. – 6:08 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Kyrie in Game 1:
39 PTS
12-20 FG
6-10 3P
He did this with no food or water. PM

Gary Tanguay @Gary_Tanguay
Great game. Kyrie kept the Nets in it but his selfishness at the end – to much dribbling – cost the Nets. Clutch play by Tatum. Unselfish play by Smart. – 6:08 PM

Ryan McDonough @McDNBA
Jayson Tatum spinning around a flailing Kyrie for the game winning layup was the perfect way to end this game – 6:08 PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Incredible ending. Kyrie carried the team but played matador defense on the final possession. Also had Goran Dragic open on previous possession but understandably looked him off (Dragic was lost all game). – 6:08 PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
What a finish by Tatum and the Celtics. It’s only one loss on the road, where they’re expected to lose in a Game 1, but that’s a gut-punch for the Nets to come up short after that Kyrie Irving performance – 6:07 PM

Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney
Was starting to feel like the Celtics were only going to win that game if Kyrie didn’t get the last shot. That’s one way to make sure he didn’t. – 6:07 PM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Three of the best scoring marks of Kyrie Irving in his playoff career have come against Boston.
For what it’s worth. – 6:07 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
FINAL: Nets 114, Celtics 115
Kyrie Irving (39 PTS), Kevin Durant (23 PTS), Goran Dragić (14 PTS) & the Nets almost rally back from down 15. Game 1 went all the way down to the wire and it was the Celtics who stepped up when it mattered to seal the deal. – 6:07 PM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
Kyrie matador defense on the Tatum layup. – 6:07 PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Great call by Udoka to spring that late double on Kyrie with Horford. – 6:06 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Tatum wins it at the buzzer with a layup.
Celtics win it 115-114. TD Garden is going absolutely nuts.
Kyrie finishes with 39 points. Tatum finishes with 31 points and the game-winner. Celtics up 1-0.
Game 2 is Wednesday. – 6:06 PM

Miles Bridges @MilesBridges
Kyrie 🔥 – 6:06 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
18 points in the 4th quarter for Uncle Drew.
Ramadan Kyrie up there with Flu Game Jordan. – 6:05 PM

Rod Beard @detnewsRodBeard
Kyrie …
*checks notes*
…is still a bucket. – 6:05 PM

Kevin Love @kevinlove
Artistry from Kyrie – 6:05 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kyrie Irving with 39 points on 12-for-20 shooting while fasting. Absolute clinic. Nets up 114-113 with 38 seconds left. – 6:05 PM

Chris Vernon @ChrisVernonShow
kyrie 4th qtr is crazzzzzzzy. and the heel act to accompany – 6:05 PM

Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Kyrie wanted that one! – 6:04 PM

The Ringer @ringernba

Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
Kyrie is cold blooded lmao. Nothing you can do about him. Unstoppable – 6:04 PM

Deonte Burton @DeonteBurton
My goodness kyrie – 6:04 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie had two points in the first quarter, missing his only two field goal attempts. He now has 39 points, one middle finger to the crowd and a three-point lead with 45.9 seconds left. – 6:04 PM

Mike Prada @MikePradaNBA
Kyrie stepped on the logo going to the bench, didn’t he? – 6:04 PM

Mike Richman @mikegrich
Kyrie is not a cool hang but he is extremely good. – 6:04 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
A reminder that Kyrie wasn’t on the NBA 75 list. PM

Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
Ramadan Kyrie. Absolute clinic. – 6:03 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Kyrie has been unreal today. – 6:03 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Uncle Drew is just different PM

Vivek Jacob @vivekmjacob
Lol Kyrie – 6:03 PM

Chris Miller @cmillsnbcs

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving with another sidestep 3 to give him 39 points on 12/20 FG. Timeout, Celtics. Nets lead, 114-111, with 45.9 to go in the 4th. – 6:03 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Kyrie with another 3 and he’s just taken the game from the #Celtics. 114-111 with 45.9 left. – 6:03 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
39 for Kyrie. – 6:03 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Why won’t Marcus Smart check Kyrie?
Ain’t he the DPOY? – 6:02 PM

Tre Jones @Tre3Jones
Kyrie is diff – 5:59 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Kyrie updated power rankings:
1. Untucked Kyrie
2. Ramadan Kyrie
3. Middle finger Kyrie
4. Black mask Kyrie
5. Part time Kyrie
6. Headband Kyrie
7. Clear mask Kyrie PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Should have been a foul on Kyrie on that inbound play – 5:58 PM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
This is about as complete a game as I’ve seen Kyrie play. Has had better scoring games, better passing games, but not sure I’ve seen him do EVERYTHING at once the way he’s doing it. Been good on defense in the second half. Awesome passing with some super advanced reads vs elite D – 5:58 PM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
Kyrie is so feast or famine defensively. He’s made huge help plays at the rim and steals, and also just given up easy drives from not being ready. – 5:56 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
We’ve got a tie game, 107-107, with 3:15 to go in the 4th quarter. #ThisGame has given us everything we’ve wanted in a Game 1: physical play, rowdy fans, stars being stars & role players stepping up.
Now it’s winning time. KD & Kyrie on one side. Jayson Tatum & Co. on the other – 5:55 PM

Nets vs. Celtics: Kyrie Irving gives middle finger to Boston crowd after making tough 3-pointer in Game 1… – 5:54 PM

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
smart left kyrie to squeeze kd, thinking tatum would rotate off brown in the corner. that’s a tough breakdown. – 5:51 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Kyrie has scored 13 points on 5-5 shooting (3-3 from three) since giving the fans the finger. PM

John Karalis @John_Karalis
Tatum, Smart, and Udoka talking about the breakdown that gave Kyrie an open 3. Looks like it was supposed to be an “X-out” where Tatum stepped up on Kyrie & Smart went to the guy in the corner – 5:51 PM

Jeff Zillgitt @JeffZillgitt
Kyrie Irving is something else when he’s got his game working. 34 points on 10-for-17 shooting with six assists, four rebounds, four steals and a block. It’s a lot of fun to watch. – 5:51 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Kyrie has 13 pts in 4Q already. #Celtics #Nets5:51 PM

James Boyd @RomeovilleKid
LOL!!!! I know Boston fans sick. This man Kyrie is going crazy!! 🔥🔥 – 5:50 PM

John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Smart expected Tatum to stunt at Irving and leave Brown in corner. Tatum just chilled. – 5:50 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Y’all must’ve forgotten about who Kyrie is and what Kyrie’s done.
Go brush up on history during the break. – 5:50 PM

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Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie with another 3 and he yells something to the same group of fans. Likely apologizing for giving them the finger earlier, right? – 5:50 PM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
Smart expected Tatum to rotate up to Kyrie as he doubled Durant, but Tatum is so tired he couldn’t execute. Also got beat on the boxout by Claxton, and couldn’t run the floor after his block on Kyrie. – 5:50 PM

Sopan Deb @SopanDeb
when was the last time an opposing player owned a home crowd like this? kyrie is peak scott hall right now – 5:50 PM

Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba
Kyrie legit might be the best offensive robin in NBA history – 5:50 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
How in the world do you lose Kyrie?
Celtics players barking at each other going into the timeout.
This is early season unraveling in the fourth quarter showing up. – 5:50 PM

Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney
How is Smart (or any Celtic player) that far off of Kyrie there? – 5:50 PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Kyrie Irving hit a 3-pointer and looked at those same courtside fans. #Nets up 107-102 with 5:30 left. #Celtics5:49 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
And now the players are snapping at each other after Kyrie is left open for a 3. BRK 107, BOS 102 with 5:30 left. – 5:49 PM

Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Kyrie is letting the Celtics score because he doesn’t want his 5th foul but it doesn’t matter because he’s doing whatever he wants on offense. – 5:49 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Ugly defensive breakdown there for that Kyrie 3. – 5:49 PM

Doug Smith @SmithRaps
No matter what you think of Kyrie Irving, his basketball brilliance is undeniable – 5:48 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Kyrie scoring and then telling the Boston crowd to cry is a beautiful thing. PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Twice Kyrie has blown right by Tatum. Not sure if Tatum is tired, but that’s terrible defense. – 5:47 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Timeout, Brooklyn: The Nets have outscored the Celtics, 15-2, here in the 4th quarter and now lead 100-98 after trailing 15 in the 3rd quarter. Incredible turn of events. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have combined for 50. – 5:42 PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
When Kyrie said he wants Boston fans to enjoy his highlights maybe this is what he meant. – 5:41 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Four fouls on Kyrie Irving. – 5:40 PM

Peter Vecsey @PeterVecsey1
Kyrie leaving his defender Flat… – 5:40 PM

Kevin Love @kevinlove
Kyrie is something else man… sheesh!!! 8-0 run by his damn self 🤯 – 5:40 PM

Tim Cato @tim_cato
kyrie irving PM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Game close down the stretch against a team with KD, Kyrie: Not ideal (at all). – 5:40 PM

Lang Greene @LangGreene
Tatum, KD and Kyrie. In a first round matchup? Thank you basketball Gods. Thank you. – 5:39 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Kyrie is getting hot just in time for the Nets. He just hit two threes in a row and is up to 27 points. All the boos seem to have focused him — and he’s been able to pick up the slack for KD. The Boston fans have gotten a little quieter after each shot goes down. – 5:36 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
New: Kyrie Irving appeared to flip off the TD Garden crowd after knocking down a corner 3 in the third quarter… – 5:36 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Kyrie Irving went from flipping the bird to flipping the score. A pair of 3s have the Nets down just three now with 9:51 left. Trailed by as many as 15. – 5:36 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Uncle Drew has come alive – 5:36 PM

Chris Herring @Herring_NBA
When Kyrie does Kyrie stuff on the court, my reaction is, “Damn.” He just makes it look so easy, which shouldn’t be possible at his height. – 5:36 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Ramadan Kyrie. PM

Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
Five steals and back-to-back 3s and this is why Kyrie Irving gets all the leeway he does in Brooklyn …
One-possession game. – 5:36 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Back-to-back triples by Kyrie sandwiched around his fifth steal has the Nets back within three. – 5:35 PM

Anthony Puccio @APOOCH
Kyrie had enough or what? – 5:35 PM

Tyrese Haliburton @TyHaliburton22
Man Kyrie is amazing – 5:35 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Back-to-back 3s for Kyrie Irving. Timeout, Boston.
Celtics 98, Nets 95
9:51 to go in the 4th quarter.
Irving is up to 27 points on 7/13 FG. – 5:35 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
And Kyrie comes back with back-to-back threes and the #Celtics lead is down to 3 with 9:51 left. #Nets5:35 PM

Jay King @ByJayKing
Kyrie just pulled them RIGHT back into it while Durant was sitting on the bench. – 5:35 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Good off-ball defense from Kyrie. He read Tatum wanted to hit Pirtchard in the corner and he dropped to take that passing lane away. Helped cause the shot-clock violation. – 5:33 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Nets down by 11 entering the fourth quarter and Kyrie will be making a donation to charity for that gesture. – 5:31 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics lead 96-85 after three
Tatum – 27/4/8
Smart – 18 points
Horford – 18 points
Brown – 14 points
Celtics – 49.3% FGs
Celtics – 11-28 threes
Celtics – 10 TOs
Irving – 21 points
Durant – 18 points
Dragic – 14 points
Nets – 51.7% FGs
Nets – 6-15 threes
Nets – 14 TOs – 5:30 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Key final minute of 3Q as #Celtics score final 5 points, including a Tatum 3 in face of Claxton. BOS 96, BRK 85. Tatum 27, Horford 18, Smart 18, Brown 14; Irving 21, Durant 18, Dragic 14. – 5:28 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Jayson Tatum’s side-step 3 is up there with death and taxes at this point. Tatum has 27 points on 8/14 FG and the Celtics are taking a 96-85 lead over the Nets into the 4th quarter. Kyrie Irving has 21 on 5/11 and Kevin Durant is up to 18 points. Nets gave up 11-2 run to start Q3 – 5:28 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
End of 3rd QTR: Nets 85, Celtics 96
Kyrie Irving (21 PTS), Kevin Durant (18 PTS), Goran Dragić (14 PTS) & the Nets started the third period horribly but are slowly recovering. Brooklyn has to get better on the defensive glass too. They’ve allowed 12 offensive boards. – 5:28 PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Kyrie Irving flipped the bird at a Boston fan. So long as it wasn’t Lucky the Leprechaun they’ll be okay. PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Kyrie giving someone in the crowd the finger after burying a jumper in Jaylen’s eye is pretty much this rivalry in a nutshell. – 5:25 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
— Stomp on Lucky
— Finger to fans
Kyrie really hates Boston. PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie hits an impossible three in the corner and has words – gestures? – with a fan along the sideline. Maybe they are just old friends from his time here. – 5:23 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Timeout, Celtics: The Nets still find themselves down, 91-84, but they have upped their effort on the defensive end. Kevin Durant has 17 points on 7/18 FG and Kyrie Irving has 21 on 5/11 shooting. Nets can’t afford to shoot themselves in the foot like they did to start the half. – 5:22 PM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Kyrie takes way longer than those 10 seconds on foul shots. – 5:15 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
“Kyrie sucks!” chants have intensified here at TD Garden after Irving inadvertently hit Marcus Smart in the face while going up for a shot. Foul is still on Smart, and Irving is at the line shooting two. – 5:14 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Smart appeared to take a shot from Irving there after fouling him. No review it appears upcoming. – 5:14 PM

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops
As much fun Kyrie is to watch on the offensive end, so often he’s painful to watch on the other end of the court. – 5:12 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
The Nets goal might be to let Smart shoot but that’s a very lazy closeout by Kyrie on a corner three. Didn’t even get a hand up. – 5:11 PM

Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Marcus Smart has more 3-pointers than Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined, if you were curious. – 5:11 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
There’s no excuse for no one coming to Kyrie on that inbounds play. – 5:04 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
Really bad mental error by the Nets — they just gave away two points. Kyrie went to inbound the ball and the rest of his teammates were already down the floor. By the time they noticed and a couple guys came back, Smart stole the ball and the Celtics got an easy bucket. – 5:04 PM

Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
That pass from Kyrie looked like a shortstop flipping it to first with backspin – 4:47 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
HALFTIME: Nets 61, Celtics 61
Nets did a much better job of taking care of the ball, but still have 11 TOs to Boston’s 7
Tatum: 15 PTS, 5/9 FG
Irving: 15 PTS, 3/6 FG
Durant: 7 PTS, 2/10 FG
Horford: 14 PTS, 5/6 FG
Curry, Drummond, Dragic: 28 PTS
KD will have his moment. – 4:46 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics-Nets tied 61-61 at half
Tatum – 15 points, 7 assists
Horford – 14 points
Brown – 8 points
Celtics – 50% FGs
Celtics – 6-17 threes
Celtics – 7 turnovers
Irving – 15 points
Dragic – 11 points
Curry – 9 points
Nets – 54.1% FGs
Nets – 5-11 threes
Nets – 12 turnovers – 4:46 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Nets and Celtics tied at 61 at halftime. Only 30 combined fouls. KD just 2-for-10. Dragic has been the hero off the bench. Kyrie got going in the second quarter. – 4:46 PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
#Net and #Celtics tied at the half. Kyrie Irving (15) and Goran Dragic (11) lead the way for Brooklyn, while KD has just seven on 2-of-10 shooting. Boston’s Jayson Tatum (15 points, 7 assists) has gotten the better of their matchup. – 4:45 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
#Celtics and #Nets tied at 61 at half. Tatum 14, Horford 14, Brown 8; Irving 15, Dragic 11, Curry 9, Drummond 8 (4 fouls), Durant 7. – 4:45 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
HALF: Nets 61, Celtics 61
Kyrie Irving (15 PTS), Goran Dragić (11 PTS), Seth Curry (9 PTS) & the Nets aren’t getting up enough shots. They have shot the ball 37 times compared to Boston’s 46. The Celtics are also dominating in the paint 32-16. – 4:44 PM

Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux
That Kyrie pass! Incredible velocity. – 4:43 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
That pass by Kyrie was ridiculous. – 4:43 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Nets holding a 41-40 lead at the 6:41 mark of the 2nd quarter. Timeout, Celtics. Kyrie Irving has come alive but Kevin Durant is just 1-7 for 4 points. 28 so far from players not named KD or Kyrie. Same for BOS: 40 from players not named Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. Horford: 12 – 4:27 PM

See also  2022 NBA play-in tournament explained: Format, schedule and matchups

Mike Prada @MikePradaNBA
I love the way Tatum is managing the game. Shifting between handler and screener, using his presence to tilt the floor properly. And yet Kyrie can generate six points on pull up 3s vs your big and it erases a lot of what you do – 4:26 PM

Tom Westerholm @Tom_NBA
Unsure what exactly the Celtics are trying to do defensively against Kyrie this quarter but it is not working! – 4:24 PM

Jay King @ByJayKing
Daniel Theis picks up his third. Kyrie to the line for three. He hits them all – and the Celtics lose the non-Durant minutes at the beginning of the second quarter. – 4:23 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Kyrie is on his flop game early. – 4:22 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Third foul on Theis, on a Kyrie 3pt attempt. #Celtics #Nets4:21 PM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
Kyrie hits a 3 on Theis drop coverage, so they change up to switch, and Kyrie sets up an open missed 3 on Curry. Then Kyrie hits another 3 on Theis off a transition screen. – 4:21 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kyrie Irving’s heating up in the 2nd quarter with a pair of back-to-back pull up 3s. Irving’s up to 10 points. – 4:21 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Kyrie and KD combine to shoot 1-for-8 from the field and turn it over 5 times and the Nets are down just 1 after the first quarter. – 4:16 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics lead 29-28 after one
Horford – 10 points
Grant – 7 points
Tatum – 4 points, 4 assists
Celtics – 40.9% FGs
Celtics – 4-9 threes
Celtics – 4 TOs
Curry – 9 points
Drummond – 6 points
Durant – 4 points
Irving – 4 points
Nets – 50% FGs
Nets – 1-4 threes
Nets – 7 TOs – 4:16 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Celtics lead the Nets 29-28 at the end of the first quarter. Kyrie and KD start a combined 1-for-8. Boston’s defense is legit, but BK appears to have adjusted as time went on. – 4:15 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
#Celtics lead Nets 29-28 after 1Q. Horford 10, GWilliams 7, Tatum 4; Curry 9, Drummond 6, Durant 4, Irving 4.
18 total fouls. 22 total FTs. – 4:15 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Seth Curry leads all Nets with 9, and Al Horford leads all Celtics with 10.
Tatum: 0-1 FG, 4 PTS
Durant: 1-6 FG, 4 PTS
Irving: 0-2 FG, 4 PTS
Jaylen: 1-5 FG, 2 PTS – 4:14 PM

Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
In addition to all the fouls, Tatum, Jaylen, Kyrie and KD were a combined 2 for 14 in that first quarter. – 4:13 PM

Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
I like stealing some mins with Pritchard while Kyrie is out of the game – 4:07 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
The Nets have not played a particularly good opening 9 minutes, but we have a tie game in Boston, 21-21. The Nets have turned the ball over 7 times so far, Kevin Durant is 1-of-4 and Kyrie Irving is 0-2 with 4 points at the foul line.
Yet we’re tied. – 4:03 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Nets not named Kyrie or Kevin are 5-of-5 from the field so far. – 4:01 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Kevin Durant (3) and Kyrie Irving (2) have 5 of the Nets’ 7 turnovers in the first quarter. Bruce Brown has the other 2. – 4:00 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Al Horford loose ball foul knocks Kyrie over in the lane and the sound you hear is the sculptors starting work on the statue of Horford. – 4:00 PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Boston’s defensive adjustments so far:
– Everyone in the area of KD and Kyrie is sinking off their man to help contest their pull ups
– High pressure on the ball handler in transition to draw the screens above the arc
– JT going for steals aggressively
– Switching up on Kyrie – 3:55 PM

Mark Murphy @Murf56
Smart is trying to isolate on Kyrie. – 3:52 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Other than catching the opening tip Kyrie doesn’t touch the ball on first Nets possession – partly due to Marcus Smart defense and thankfully for my hearing since they are loud when he touches it. – 3:42 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Celtics fans greet Kyrie Irving the best way they know how PM

Chris Forsberg @ChrisForsberg_
Kyrie intro. PM

Mark Murphy @Murf56
Lusty boos for “Dorchester’s” Bruce Brown, but the volume rises for Kyrie Irving. – 3:37 PM

Brian Robb @BrianTRobb
Based on Kyrie’s pregame reception, I understandably don’t think Celtics fans have moved on like he wanted. – 3:37 PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Some hearty boos as Bruce Brown, from Dorchester, is announced but they pale in comparison to the boos for Kyrie Irving. #Celtics #Nets3:36 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Moments away from tipoff at TD Garden, where No. 2 Celtics and No. 7 Nets are about to start Game 1 of the first round. This series is a toss-up. Nets have KD & Kyrie. Celtics have the league’s best defense, a Coach of the Year candidate, & a star in Tatum. Updates to come. – 3:35 PM

Tom Westerholm @Tom_NBA
my Hot Take is that Kyrie has given Celtics fans plenty of reason to dislike him and Celtics fans have given him plenty of reasons to dislike them and maybe the best thing for both sides is to agree to deeply dislike each other because that happens a lot in sports – 3:34 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Warm welcome for Kyrie. PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Kyrie Irving booed as he walks in the proximity of the #Celtics Lucky logo in pregame warmups. #nets PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
TD Garden still filling up. Didn’t check to see what time bars opened around here and if fans will be in full form for Kyrie intro here. – 3:06 PM

Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Nets at Celtics– TD Garden – April 17, 2022 – Game 1 Starters
Boston – Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford, Theis
Brooklyn – Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Bruce Brown, Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond
OUT: Boston: R. Williams Brooklyn: Simmons, Harris PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics starters this afternoon:
Daniel Theis
Al Horford
Jayson Tatum
Jaylen Brown
Marcus Smart
Nets starters:
Andre Drummond
Bruce Brown
Kevin Durant
Seth Curry
Kyrie Irving – 3:02 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer
Nets starters for Game 1 in Boston: Irving, Curry, Durant, Brown and Drummond – 3:01 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
The Nets’ Starters vs. the Celtics:
👴🏾Kyrie Irving
💦Seth Curry
🔒Bruce Brown
💲Kevin Durant
🦍Andre Drummond – 3:01 PM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Steve Nash on Kyrie Irving and the Boston crowd: “Kyrie’s been here a number of times. He’s been here proverbially in a playoff sense and hostile environments dozens of times. It’s not that I really think that has a huge effect on Kyrie.” – 2:32 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Ime Udoka: “It all comes back to Durant and Irving, so some things I saw last year and throughout the year that obviously I know about those guys. We’ll see what we can do with that, but they’re high-level scorers and they’re gonna kinda get what they get.” – 2:32 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
“I don’t worry about Kyrie…. Kyrie’s been here a number of times, he’s been here … dozens of times. It’s not something that I really think has a huge effect on Kyrie.”
-Steve Nash asked about hostile environments #NetsWorld PM

Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis
Asked Steve Nash about Kyrie Irving and the #Celtics fans: “I don’t worry about Kyrie. Kyrie’s been here a number of times. He’s been here in a playoff sense and hostile environments dozens of times. It’s not something that I really think has a huge effect on Kyrie.” #Nets #NBA2:10 PM

Ajayi Browne @ajayibrowne
“You don’t go into the games worrying about the fans — I’m not worried about Kyrie (Irving) … He’s been here.”
⁃Steve Nash on Celtics fans impacting his play. – 2:04 PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Steve Nash says you don’t go into a game worrying about fans. He’s not worried about Kyrie Irving at all facing a hostile former fanbase. – 2:04 PM

Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed
Going on IG live from TD Garden where Kyrie Irving just finished early pregame warmups. Bring your questions, your hot takes, your concerns or your confidence in the outcome of this series.
IG: @Kristian Winfield1:14 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
My guess is that Boston opens possessions like this to start the game:
Smart – Irving
Brown – Durant
Tatum – Curry
Theis – Brown
Horford – Drummond
That will allow them to have Theis play the Rob Williams role as a roamer/helper. But, as always, Boston will switch everything. – 12:56 PM

StatMuse @statmuse
Combined PPG in last 10 games:
56.3 — KD/Kyrie
55.8 — Jayson/Jaylen
Which duo will score more today? And what’s their combined points?
$150 voucher to the winning guess. PM

Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
A look at what Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown face today in their observance of Ramadan #Celtics #Nets… – 11:17 AM

Steve Popper @StevePopper
Celtics’ Smart aims to make things tough on Kyrie
Marcus Smart is key to Boston’s top-rated defense front-runner for NBA Defensive Player of the Year.… – 9:59 AM

Gary Tanguay @Gary_Tanguay
I want the Celtics to beat the Nets but the lack of objectivity is disappointing. If Kyrie plays to his ability, the Nets win. It’s that simple. – 9:14 AM

More on this storyline

Nick Friedell: As @Bobby Marks notes: The max the NBA can Kyrie is 50K, but it will be interesting to see how they view Sunday. There were 4 separate incidents. The 1st middle finger, the 2nd pair of middle fingers, profanity at fans near locker room and postgame profanity in press conference. -via Twitter @NickFriedell / April 18, 2022

Barstool Sports: The behind the head middle fingers by Kyrie to the crowd was slick. -via Twitter / April 18, 2022

“[If] somebody’s going to call me out of my name, I’m going to look at them straight in the eye and see if they’re really ’bout it,” he concluded. “Most of the time they’re not.” All of that said, it’s probably going to cost him some money with a fine from the league. -via For The Win / April 18, 2022

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