Kim Kardashian ‘would never take back’ her struggles with Kanye West: ‘At peace with it’

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Kim Kardashian said she’s “never take back” the struggles she’s endured with ex-husband Kanye West — despite them having to go through it in the public eye.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” the 42-year-old opened up about the demise of her ill-fated union with the rapper as she cleared out her storage warehouse.

“I’m really at peace with it,” the mom of four said. “There’s so many amazing things that came out of my marriage and my divorce. I’ve kept every single Yeezy. For me, I think this is me holding on to the Kanye I know.”

And even though her life has been made harder following West’s antisemitic rants and controversial outbursts, Kardashian said she’d “never take back any of the hard things that have happened or any of the hard times.”

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West with their four kids.
Kardashian shares her four children with ex-husband Kanye West.

“I love my life, but it’s time to do something different and I just need a minute,” she shared, adding, “It’s like the memories, it’s sad.”

Looking through clothing items she’s accumulated over the years, the reality star called the storage unit her “time capsule of like the best times” in their relationship.

“The reality is life is really different, and when you know it can never get back there — that’s what sucks, and that’s what’s hard,” she explained. “But my kids will have the best memories and this will be the best tribute for them.”

kim kardashian and kanye west
The pair tied the knot in 2014, before parting ways in 2021.
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The doting mom also said she will never want to take away “the best dad in the entire world” away from her kids. 

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After revealing that the 24-time Grammy winner had previously asked her to “burn his stuff,” Kardashian said she’s saving them for her kids to look at once they’re older.

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Still, she admitted to going through a “purging phase” to free up some space for new memories.

“I think I’m trying to realize that I don’t need it,” she shared. “Like it’s so not who I am today.”

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new balance

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