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The John Lobb Mansell ‘oxford’ is the next step in the evolution of the lazyman oxford. By removing the gore on the side, keeping the tongue, and simply adding gore to the instep, allowing one to get in and out easily, the Mansell gets as close to an oxford as you can, without having laces. I can see this becoming very popular in this new age of laziness. Sadly for John Lobb, very popular will mean that a bunch of shoe brands will copy it and sell it at a lower price. But such is the weight of the crown when pioneering new designs. So, well done to John Lobb for this one!

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Whether or not John Lobb is truly the first to create this is not for me to say. But I do know, is that they are bringing it to the forefront of the shoe industry and John Lobb has the popularity to make something a staple in our industry. And that means something. Now I could be completely wrong in my prediction of how popular this will become. But objectively speaking it is an attractive shoe that could easily become a new staple. A new classic so to speak. Fifty years ago, it wouldn’t be the case. But again, in this day of ‘wanting to be comfortable’ and laziness at an all-time high, being able to slip on your sleek oxfords is many a man’s dream!

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I would even own a pair. Why not? Sometimes, I am lazy too! Anyway, the 5-rows of stitching is impressive. That takes some real skill. The last is beautiful. The making is flawless. And you have 4 nice colors to choose from. The only setback is need a spare $2,250 to grab a pair!

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