Joel Embiid trolls the 76ers, plus offseason winners & losers

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The No Cap Room is back with Jake Fischer and Dan Devine, and they spend the second half of today’s episode talking about the biggest offseason winners, losers and wild cards after the free agency/draft dust has settled. But first, they need to discuss Joel Embiid, James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers.

This episode of No Cap Room kicks off in Philadelphia, where Joel Embiid made waves after saying that he wants to win a championship but implied that he’d be willing to leave the 76ers to accomplish that goal.

Jake Fischer and Dan Devine discuss the James Harden stare down the Sixers are currently locked in and explain how that is effecting Embiid, as well as how Embiid is hanging over the Harden situation.

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In the 2nd half of the episode, Jake and Dan each pick a “winner” amongst NBA teams that had a good offseason and explain why they feel that way. They then follow this formula and list off a couple of “loser” franchises that stood still this offseason, or maybe moved backwards, before listing a couple of “wild card” teams that they’re not sure what to make of yet.

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new balance

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