Jaylen Brown wants a new Black Wall Street in Boston and more from his supermax presser

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Star Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown has officially signed his historic supermax contract extension, and did so with the sort of pomp such a moment deserves, with Olympian and civil rights icon John Carlos in attendance along with lead governor Wyc Grousbeck, team president Brad Stevens, and head coach Joe Mazzulla.

But the most interesting guests at the signing and press conference were Brown’s Steam students from his MIT bridge program, Black and brown youth from the greater Boston area. The Celtics star made use of signing his new contract to help shed light on efforts to address systemic racism in the city and hopes to found a new Black Wall Street in Boston, a sign of the depth of his commitment to the community.

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The hosts of the CLNS Media “Celtics Lab” podcast dove into Brown’s supermax extension contract presser, what we can learn from what was said and done at it, and what the extension means for Boston moving forward.

They also get into the news of Mike Gorman’s final season calling games and the rest of the trickle of news still percolating this late in the NBA offseason, so tune in and get up to speed on all things Celtics this last week of July.

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