Is Joel Embiid on his way out of the chaos-stricken 76ers?

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer is joined by Wondery Media’s to chat about the chaos facing the and whether or not will remain in Philadelphia long term. Hear the full conversation on the – and subscribe on , , or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


DAN DEVINE: I don’t know if you noticed this, but Joel Embiid did the thing where he removed any mention of the Philadelphia 76ers from his Instagram and Twitter bios. And of course, that means war. It means–


DAN DEVINE: You know, talk about the fireworks and the insanity.

JOHN GONZALEZ: Sure. And you could look at this from both perspectives, from Embiid looking out or all of us looking at Embiid. Where have they gotten? Right?

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I mean, they changed the coach, went to Doc from Brett Brown. I was a big Brett Brown fan. I thought that he did a lot for the organization and then just when they were like climbing the mountain, they jettisoned. But I get it.

They changed the general manager multiple times. They change all the supporting cast. I mean, everybody around him. Like, the turn of the roster turnover, the one constant has been Joel Embiid.

And what have they gotten for all of it? Nothing. Now I’m not going to put that on Joel Embiid.

I’m just saying that there are some people who are going to go, oh, well maybe it is time to move Joel. Or maybe Joel goes, it’s time to move Joel. Maybe it’s time to detonate this thing.

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Maybe Joel wants to detonate it. Maybe the rest of us want to detonate it. But we keep butting our heads up against the exact same wall. And he’s never going to have higher value than he does coming off of an MVP campaign before he turns 30.


JOHN GONZALEZ: If he wanted out I wouldn’t blame him. And if they thought about it, I wouldn’t blame him.

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