How To Add Initials To Your Shoes

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Adding initials to your shoe’s sole is not as difficult as it may seem. Here we look at how even amateurs can add their own initials onto wait part of their shoes. Believe me, if I can do it you can do it. I have only done this once or twice in my life, around 15 years ago. And here is the 3rd time. We can all see that I still need a bit more practice.

It does not require a lot of tools but a small minimal investment. All of the tools can be found on Amazon with a little bit of searching. Here you can find the Japanese flat knife and here the punching awl to make the holes. The nails are 8mm round heads in brass. There will be plenty of options for you to find. They can even be shorter like 6mm if you have a hard time finding 8mm. I use a hammer with a small head but a wider head and shorter hammer would be ideal.

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The real key to making these look pretty is how well your penmanship is. So if you write chicken scratch, better find someone who writes nicely to put the initial base drawing down for you. Once you have that, adding initials to your shoes is a breeze.

Practice makes perfect, so get the tools and start at it! The first time might scare you so make sure to try on a pair you don’t wear as often and therefore won’t show to too many lookers 😉 As you keep trying you will see it gets easier and you will get better. Then you can knock out the rest of your shoes and start charging your friends to do theirs!

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