How Paul Pierce and Jayson Tatum became summer workout buddies

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How Paul Pierce and Jayson Tatum became summer workout buddies originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce said he’s having flashbacks during summer workouts with Jayson Tatum and gushed about simply getting to be part of Tatum’s regimen for readying for the 2023-24 season.

Clips of Pierce and Tatum working out together have cropped up on social media repeatedly this summer. It’s been endearing content for those Celtics fans who yearn for past stars to help mold the future generation.

“It reminds me of the process that I used to go go through to get ready for a season. And just being there to watch him and see him do the things that’s making him great, it’s an honor,” Pierce said on Showtime Basketball’s “KG Certified” with Kevin Garnett.

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“[Tatum is] one of the top five players in the league, so it’s an honor to just to be there and see him go through his journey, to see him get ready. I’m there, really, just for support and to see his growth. He’s already at the top of the food chain, so I’m just part of being a support system.”

Pierce seemed to suggest it was a chance visit with new Celtics assistant coach Sam Cassell that brought two of the most prolific scorers in Celtics history together as workout partners.

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“Really, I went with Sam to watch his workout. So kind of Sam [initiated it],” said Pierce. “With that whole thing, with me and him, I’m just here for support. And it’s getting me back in shape.”

As part of the program, Garnett asked Pierce and fellow 2008 Celtics alumn Tony Allen if there was something they might add to Tatum’s game moving forward.

“That seek and destroy mentality,” said Allen. “I ain’t saying Tatum don’t got it. But [Pierce is] working out with him. I think that’s good insight. I think that goes a long way, [rather] than just being around some random trainer telling you to, ’Step back, step back.’ I think it’s all about mentality when you get that rock.”

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