Dosunmu, Williams are ‘with whatever to win’ despite demotion

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In Friday’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Chicago Bulls starting lineup looked a little different.

Bulls coach Billy Donovan made a lineup change, sending both Ayo Dosunmu and Patrick Williams to the bench for Alex Caruso and Javonte Green.

“It was more to see, ‘Let’s see what this looks like,’” Donovan said following the 119-111 loss. “I’m always evaluating and you’re not trying to make a decision after two or three games. But I think there’s a pretty decent body of work for the number of games we played. And I just wanted to take a look at something different.”


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Both Dosunmu and Williams both took the demotion in stride and responded positively.

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“I just took it as this is what it was. Try to continue to get better,” Dosunmu said. “My motto, whether I start or not, is each day I want to get one percent better. Nothing has really changed. I want to get better, keep learning at both ends.”

“I kind of expected it,” Williams said. “Not necessarily the change that he made, but we haven’t been playing to the level that we know we need to play to. So obviously trying different lineups is just part of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. I’m with whatever to win. Just trust the process and control what you can control as a player.”

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Dosunmu played well off the bench, finishing with nine points, five rebounds, and three assists on a perfect 4-of-4 from the floor. Williams added seven points and two rebounds on 3-of-9 shooting from the field.

“I understand there’s always a level of prestige with starting. I get all that. But I also think those guys see a bigger picture,” Donovan said of the demotion. “It’s not like I said to them, ‘Hey listen, I’m moving you out of the starting lineup and you’re out of the rotation.’ I was really pleased with the way both responded. They’re team guys. They want to win. I’m sure in their heart of hearts want to start. But I also think the team is more important to them.”

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And Donovan is right — whether this is a long term change or just to attempt to light a fire under the team, both Dosunmu and Williams are ready for the challenge and want whatever is best for the team.

“I trust Billy and the coaching staff,” Williams said. “I’m all for it if they think it can help the team.”

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new balance

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