Catella Shoemaker Chelsea Boots

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I recently ran across these chelsea boots by Catella Shoemaker, aka Daniel Wegan, and was impressed with their height and shape. In shoemaking, the more simple-looking models tend to be the most difficult. The reason is the tension between the leather and the last and getting it molded to the shape properly. The more pieces you have in the pattern, i.e. seams, the easier it is to take form. That simple idea is actually a complicated and sometimes painstaking process. Not only does the pattern have to be perfect, but the lasting also has to be highly skilled

What impressed me about these chelsea boots by Catella Shoemaker, was more so the height of the boot, which looks to be a few cm’s higher than your average chelsea boot. I would say close to 2.5 cm to be exact (around 1 inch). Now, I could be wrong, but that is the impression the image gives. And if it is the case, it is a very tasteful detail. You can see that this boot will hold the leg well. That is important in a chelsea that has no lacing to secure your feet.

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Daniel only makes a few carefully crafted pairs a year and I know has a backlog of a lot pairs to get through so if you are interested in trying him out, best to get in on that waiting list! While having no official website his IG will show you all, including his trunk show travel schedule

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