Bulls protect Benny the Bull’s identity at all costs

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Bulls protect Benny the Bull’s identity at all costs originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Benny the Bull will be entertaining fans at the United Center next season.

Who is inside the costume performing such staples as the spilled popcorn trick and the over-the-head halfcourt shot is another story, depending on who’s talking.

And Benny isn’t talking.

“There is only one Benny the Bull,” said Patrick Sandusky, the Chicago Bulls’ vice president, communications. “Unfortunately, Benny is unable to comment, because he cannot talk.”

That’s a clever and lighthearted way to respond to an X post from Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) and confirmed to NBC Sports Chicago by two sources that the popular mascot will have a new performer inside the costume. One source said the previous performer left the organization on his own choosing and on good terms and his replacement is coming from another NBA team.

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Benny the Bull debuted in 1969 and entered the Mascot Hall of Fame—yes, there is one—in 2017. He is a regular at such big events as the NBA All-Star game.

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new balance

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