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Brooks Launch 10 Introduction

The Brooks Launch 10 is a versatile daily trainer that can handle logging in those miles. It is also light enough to handle those speed workouts as well.

And at the price of only $110 USD it comes at a price that is affordable to all consumers.

Shoes that The Brooks Launch 10 can be compared to are Hoka Mach 5, and Nike’s Pegasus 40 when it comes to both price and what the purpose of the shoe is used for.

Brooks Launch 10 First Impressions

When I first opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the build quality of the shoe, especially the feel of the upper. I also noticed that the outsole had some sort of silicon feel to it compared to rubber.

As I tried to put them on, I had a hard time because of how snug the heel counter was. So, I had to readjust the lacing system just to get a better fit.

As I had my first run in them, it felt the ride of the midsole was a little firm and nothing spectacular. The upper felt really snugged and comfortable.

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Brooks Launch 10 Upper

The upper uses what they call their Engineered Warp Knit Upper, which provides a soft and breathable experience. It also wraps around your feet comfortably and securely. The tongue is thin with little to no padding.

Both the tongue and the shoe lacing system seem to work well together. I had no issues with feeling any discomfort on the top of my feet and no movement of the tongue during my runs. The heel counter is very secure and not very pliable. A little too tight, for I sometimes have a hard time slipping the shoe on. A very snug fit.

Overall, I found the upper to be very similar to Hoka’s Mach 5. The upper molds around your feet and has a very nice secure fit. I found it to fit true to size and had no issues with any hot spots nor blistering whatsoever during my runs.

Brooks Launch 10 Sole Unit

The Brooks Launch 10 midsole uses what is call BioMoGo DNA. The midsole technology provides the customer with a ride that can handle different paces. I’ve tested this shoe mainly for daily miles but have also tested it for speed workouts as well.

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During my speed workouts I found the shoe to be somewhat responsive, but more on the firmer side. When it comes to easy running the shoe it felt okay.

There was really nothing spectacular that stood out or anything to be quite honest. I would compare the ride of the shoe to the Salomon Aero Volt that I tested not too long ago. The only difference is that the Aero Volt felt much lighter underfoot compared to the Launch 10.

The outsole uses their Green Rubber, which is made of silica. The outsole is much thinner but still can still handle the mileage.

Overall, I found the outsole to be pretty good. I’ve ran through dirt, gravel, and also wet surfaces. The shoe has really good traction on all those surfaces. No feeling of slippage or anything whatsoever.

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I’ve ran for well over 50 miles in them. And so far, there hasn’t been any significant wear or tear of the Green Rubber outsole.

However, I did notice that a small portion of rubber has been worn down on the lateral side of the shoe (forefoot area) as that is where I usually land. Nothing too alarming but something to keep an eye on.

Brooks Launch 10 Conclusions

In conclusion, I would have to say the shoe is okay.

There is nothing spectacular nor anything significantly wrong with the shoe. It’s just a simple shoe. But for me, I wanted something that really stood out, especially with the sole unit.

Would I purchase this shoe again? Probably not. There are better options out there such as the Hoka Mach 5. It is way more responsive and more of a fun ride, and it can also do what the Launch 10 can do.

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