Brooklyn Nets could be buyers at next season’s trade deadline

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The Brooklyn Nets will be trying to make it as far as they can go next season which hopefully is the second-round of the playoffs after being swept in the first round this past season. If the season before the trade deadline goes as expected, the Nets could be in a position to make things happen.

In a recent article by Bleacher Report, Zach Buckley said that he believes that Brooklyn could be buyers at the trade deadline if multiple factors go in the Nets’ favor. There has been no reporting to Brooklyn being buyers at this point, but if the Nets are winning more games than expected in the beginning, it would be within the realm of possibility for Brooklyn to shoot for the stars in a mid-season trade.

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For the Nets to be able to be buyers at the trade deadline, Mikal Bridges would have to play at an All-Star level and Ben Simmons would need to be close to his All-Star form. Brooklyn is projected to finish next season with a losing record, but if they can defy the odds, everyone could be singing a different tune on the Nets by the time February rolls around.

Story originally appeared on Nets Wire

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