Boots Like You Have Never Seen

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Xibao Shoemaker made some boots like you have never seen before. Most might think for good reason, but when I see these, I see art. Personally, I would never dream of wearing them. I would look like the Wicked Witch of the West in these but I won’t lie, they sure are cool and present a great deal of thought when it comes to the design and pattern making. And that I will always respect and even admire despite not personally wishing to wear said pair of boots.

I do not know a lot about Xibao Shoemaker other than the fact that he is behind the brand Oct. Tenth. I do not know a lot about these boots either as the person that found them stumbled upon them on WeChat, something I also do not know anything about. What is strange though is that they are shown there on WeChat but you will not find them on his Instagram or anywhere. else. I also noticed this same thing when I wrote about The Chinese Shoe Trunk Show of 2023. I saw shoes and techniques that I had not seen before, also by Oct Tenth. It makes you wonder if the Chinese shoemakers offer something completely different for Asia than the West? I guess so. But wish they didn’t so I could see those super cool and unique other things they are promoting for the Chinese market!

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This Xibao Shoemaker boot is very unique. Truly so. It is also very extreme. But cool in a way, where you can see all of the details were carefully thought out. Everything is perfectly placed on this boot and that makes them harmonious. It makes me curious to know if someone actually bought them. And then even more curious to know what outfit they wore with them?!

It is interesting to see things like this, and hope that we start to see more of it. I always appreciate shoemakers pushing the boundaries of shoemaking and shoe design. My hat is off to Xibao Shoemaker for these unique beauties!

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Photo found on the Facebook group: Emerging Shoe Brands

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