Bethenny Frankel gives positive review of Kim Kardashian Skims socks

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Finally, a Kardashian product that knocks Bethenny’s socks off.

Bethenny Frankel hasn’t held back her opinions on Kim Kardashian and family in recent days, shading everything from the Skkn by Kim skincare line to Kylie Cosmetics and the sisters’ use of Photoshop and filters — but it turns out there’s one KarJenner item that gets her approval.

Posting a TikTok review captioned “Skims wins,” the former “Real Housewives of New York City” star, 51, shared a rare positive review after receiving samples of Skims socks.

“I give them credit for sending them to me, to be honest with you,” she said in the video, adding “that PR person may not be connected to other people who may not have wanted to send to me, and they probably just had me on some list.”

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Bethenny Frankel
Frankel raved about the socks she received in the video.

Sharing that “they feel very nice, they feel luxurious,” Frankel showed a beige “Everyday Crew Sock” ($10) to the camera, pulling it on as she said, “you need that sock that’s not like a stocking, and that’s not too thick.”

“You want to wear a sock, and you want it to feel like it’s giving you some warmth but you don’t want it to be too thick,” the Skinnygirl founder said about the dilemma of wearing socks with boots and booties.

Ultimately, her review of the Skims socks was an A-plus. “These are kinda luxurious,” the “Just B” podcast host said. “They feel like you would bring them on a ski vacation for like, nighttime, but also good for fall. I will wear these.”

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Continuing that the socks were “excellent,” the cookbook author added, “whichever PR person slipped me through the cracks on that list, good for you.”

“I am definitely not paid by that brand … yet,” Frankel ended the video.

Bethenny Frankel, Kim Kardashian
Kardashian and Frankel shared a hug at a 2009 event.
Getty Images

Fans got a kick out of the new review, with the TV personality replying “ha” after one person joked, “Plot twist : they put poison in the socks.”

Let’s hope Frankel doesn’t put a sock in it anytime soon so fans can enjoy more Skims reviews.

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