Back to work, it’s time to elevate your style

new balance

September and October are the months of returning to work after the holidays. A period that is hard in some ways, because we get back into the rhythm of the usual routine, but it’s also a great opportunity for change.  During the holidays, in fact, we have time to think about what we want from life and who we want to become. We can give ourselves the space to make plans for the future and rethink a new self. prato guidomaggi

And if you have been thinking that you would like a new look to give a new image of yourself, if you have always wanted to be taller but have never had the courage to dare, the return to work can be just the right time to make these changes.

At GuidoMaggi we are here for that. The time has come to transform a period commonly seen as difficult, slow and frustrating into an exciting and joyful phase of the year. How? By making it a time of growth, where you can change both inside and outside, and find solutions to discover a new, taller, trendier and more confident you.

This can be a time for personal growth

Returning from holiday can be a challenging time, but we must never forget that these months also offer an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth. Psychologists teach us that the key is always to approach change with awareness: this transition between holiday can be smoother and more rewarding, by adopting positive strategies. In fact, with the right mindset and smart strategies, it is possible to face these months in a healthy and stress-free way.

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In addition to the usual advice, such as opting for gradual workloads, planning commitments so as not to feel overwhelmed, doing sports, drinking a lot and valuing sleep – all important tips for a soft impact on work rhythms – we can also consider approaching the return with a real growth mindset for ourselves and our style.

In short, if you’ve been thinking about changing your haircut all year, revamping your wardrobe and increasing your stature with a pair of elevator shoes, September and October are the right months to make this decision. Holidays make us bolder and more positive, it’s all about not wasting this energy of positivity and change and taking it with us to the city!

All this will make the return to the office anything but boring and frustrating. On the contrary, what will prevail will be the desire and satisfaction of being seen by everyone as more beautiful, confident and renewed.

It’s time to elevate your style!

September is the perfect month to elevate your style. The return to the usual everyday places and the colleagues we see every day, after weeks of absence, will lead us to be bolder and more enthusiastic about the idea of changing and looking different.

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If you have decided that you finally want to increase your stature and reach the height of your dreams in the office, you can start your new adventure right after the holidays with a pair of shoes suitable for your workplace.

Maybe you have already experienced the benefits of summer high-heeled shoes during your holiday and are now ready to make them your must-have in the city too. Or maybe you are a first-timer and don’t know what to expect. Either way, just browse GuidoMaggi’s extensive online catalogue to find the right model to get started.

If you work in a place where formal wear is required, your natural choice will fall on a pair of dress shoes, lace-up or with buckles, depending on your taste, but always with a elevator system that can give you up to 8 centimetres more. If you have a dynamic job that requires you to be out and about a lot and allows you to dress informally, there is nothing better than a pair of sneakers to walk around all day, giving you up to 10 centimetres. If you prefer a less casual shoe, on the other hand, there are ankle boots, one for every taste and colour.

And then, if you want to elevate your style, don’t forget to match your new elevator shoes with an elongating look that will give you even more impetus. A dynamic hairstyle that points upwards, V-necks, two-button jackets, patterns with thin vertical stripes, dark tones, soft and enveloping fabrics, garments with a classic and timeless taste. These could be the characteristics of the new style that will characterise you when you return from your holidays. 

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With timeless accessories you never go wrong

If you feel the need to change your look and you still have no clear ideas, our advice is to start with garments and accessories characterized by timeless luxury. Simplicity, quality, wearability and elegance are the key words for your next purchases to renew your autumn wardrobe.

These types of garments and accessories will never “get old” in your wardrobe because they will always remain current, despite fashions and trends. This is why in such cases we can speak of real investments, rather than just shopping.

GuidoMaggi is the interpreter of timeless luxury in men’s shoes, but also in leather garments and accessories. Each collection, in fact, is characterized by models that ride the latest trends but also  by models with a classic and timeless taste in both design and colour choice. This applies to the elevators shoes but also to the leather belts and to all the other accessories that we make with the same care for the choice of fine leathers and details that we put into the production of handcrafted footwear. 

new balance

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