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When it comes to a shoe that needs to perform — really perform — an outdoor shoe is at the top of the list. You don’t want to mess around when it comes to movement amongst the elements. It’s one of the main reasons to rely on one of the best adidas trail shoes to power you through all those outdoor activities. adidas’ shoes are built for the challenge; protective technology and optimized fabrics are part of the DNA of an adidas hiking shoe. These shoes performing is a given. For outdoor activities, we also need them to have stable traction, durable make-ups, and fabrics that keep the elements out of them.

adidas outdoor shoes are constructed with the brand’s signature penchant for cushion and support, of course. But adidas trail running shoes also come with trail-specific details that bring that cushioning to more intensive terrain. That traction and protection are what sets trail shoes apart.

“When you’re running on asphalt, you have an inherent grip from the sole of your shoe,” says Squamish, Canada-based ultrarunner Josh Barringer. “That doesn’t exist on trail.” Instead, the lug on your shoes needs to do more of the heavy grip lifting to keep you stable.

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You might not think of adidas first for outdoor gear, but the brand has quietly been building up its capacity for the great outdoors in addition to all that work they do on indoor sneaker innovation. adidas’s Terrex line highlights those designs as the brand’s hub for trail running and hiking. Terrex shoes are built with grip and protection in mind, but they also incorporate some of adidas’s best running sneaker details, too, like pebbled Boost midsoles and soft Primeknit uppers.

Some adidas trail shoes also lean into fabrics, which have become important to the brand. For one, many of the uppers are made with at least 50-percent recycled materials, which is part of adidas’s ongoing sustainability efforts. The brand also sources fabrics that have been tried and tested for optimal performance outside, like GORE-TEX technology. GORE-TEX makes the shoes completely waterproof, thanks to a microporous structure that keeps water from seeping in.

What Are Trail Shoes

Trail shoes need to do more protective work and offer a different kind of support than your standard running shoe. The difference is all in the running terrain, according to adidas. Think about how different a treadmill feels from a running track from a run around the neighborhood. The ground is stable for all of those: you know how your foot feels when it strikes a treadmill belt, for example, and how different that feels from the pavement. On the trail, there are two big differences. First, the surfaces change throughout, and they’re not always stable. Mud, puddles, and rocky grounding are part of the detail. Trial shoes need to be able to match those elements, which they’ll often do with a protective outer, tough lug sole, and reinforced (or rock-resistant) midsole.

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What to Look For in the Best adidas Trail Shoes

  • Protection: There are a few key ways for trail shoes to keep your feet protected. First up, the best trail shoes are waterproof. Better yet, made with GORE-TEX, all but ensuring total protection from the outdoors. Also, look for constructions that offer reinforced mid or outsoles, which add a barrier between your foot and sharp rocks.
  • Cushion: Cushioning is key to ensure your feet stay supported and don’t fatigue while on the trail. Some shoes are built with an EVA midsole, giving you a similar feel and response to your standard running shoe.
  • Grip: The lug sole on a trail sneaker is one of the more visible differences in these types of shoes. “All trails are different,” says Barringer, “but your ability to gain and maintain traction comes from the lug.” While all lugs help with traction, some are better built for slick and icy terrain.
  • Build: The right build for you should account for both your level of activity and foot needs. If you have a common foot problem, for example, bunions, plantar fasciitis, or high arches, it’s important your build has soft support that won’t irritate pain further. Also, look for shoes with wide-toe boxes, which are essential for something like a bunion, but are welcome for all types of feet. This gives your toes room to grip, increasing stability.

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adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0 Trail Running Shoes

  • Size Range: 7-15
  • Colorways: Core black
  • Materials: Rubber outsole; GORE-TEX lining
  • Additional Features: Recycled materials
  • Pros: Lightweight
  • Cons: No ankle protection

adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0 Trail Running Shoes are great, lightweight training shoes that give you plenty of traction and underfoot support. The Agravic Flow 2 is made with abrasion-resistant weldings are GORE-TEX, keeping water, dirt, and debris far away from the foot.


CREDIT: adidas

adidas Terrex Soulstride Trail Running Shoes

Best Trail Shoe for Beginners 

  • Size Range: W5-11; M6-15
  • Colorways: Black and red; core black; taupe
  • Materials: Mesh upper; EVA midsole
  • Additional Features: Lug sole; upper made from 50% recycled materials
  • Pros: Raised sidewalls for stability; inexpensive
  • Cons: Not built for intense terrain

adidas Terrex Soulstride Trail Running Shoes are great for a beginner’s pair of trail shoes. First, they’re not crazy expensive at just $80 a pop. They have a cushioned midsole, and the hybrid lug sole is good for beginning terrain or rocky roads.

adidas soulstride

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Terrex Trail Rider Trail Running Shoes

Most Responsive Trail Shoes

  • Size Range: W5-11; M6-15
  • Colorways: Core black; steel; sand and orange; core black and teal; sand and violet; lilac
  • Materials: TPU protective layer; Continental rubber outsole
  • Additional Features: Gusseted tongue
  • Pros: Responsive support
  • Cons: Stiff fit

adidas Terrex Trail Rider Trail Running Shoes are great for fast-paced, outdoor runners. The responsiveness in the midsole is adept at quicker movements, and it’s lightweight enough to not weigh you down on the move. There’s a rock protection layer built in, too, so no sharp rocks can poke through.

What reviewers say: “Size is exactly like my ultraboost running shoes. Little stiff but for the main purpose (trail running).”

adidas trail rider

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Eastrail 2.0 Hiking Shoes

  • Size Range: W5-11; M6-15
  • Colorways: Gray and mint;
  • Materials: EVA midsole; mesh upper
  • Additional Features: Abrasion-resistant overlay; gusseted tongue; upper made of 50% recycled materials
  • Pros: Tough outer protection
  • Cons: Heavier feel

adidas Eastrail 2.0 Hiking Shoes are true hiking shoes. The overlay is abrasion-resistant, and the Traxion outsole is a beast at navigating uneven, wet, and slick terrain.

adidas eastrail

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2.0 Made With Nature

Best waterproof adidas Trail Running Shoes 

  • Size Range: W5-14; M6-15
  • Colorways: Wonder White / Wonder White / Non Dyed
  • Materials: BOOST midsole; GORE-TEX membrane; Continental rubber outsole
  • Additional Features: Gusseted tongue
  • Pros: Great traction; ankle protection
  • Cons: Pricey

If you want something that can take on a hike but doesn’t feel like a hiking shoe, the adidas Terrex Hiker 2.0 Made with Nature is it. It’s made with an EVA stabilization frame and BOOST midsole, giving it the feel of your favorite adidas sneaker. The higher ankle and gusseted tongue make it one of the best options for rainy conditions. Additionally, since it contains a minimum of 50% natural and recycled materials, you can know you’re doing good for the planet every time you slip them on.

adidas nature

adidas Run Falcon 2.0 Shoes

  • Size Range: M6.5-14
  • Colorways: Black; gray; black and white
  • Materials: EVA midsole; mesh upper
  • Pros: Lightweight
  • Cons: No extra protection

adidas Run Falcon 2.0 is a great shoe for hikes that are really more like walks. They’re lightweight and easy to move in, but they don’t have all the technical details that some of the others do. They’re one of your best options if you’re looking for running shoes that are also good for walking.

adidas falcon 2.0

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Terrex Two Flow Shoes

Best Road-to-Trail Running Shoes

  • Size Range: M7-14
  • Colorways: Core black; steel
  • Materials: Mesh upper; EVA midsole; rubber outsole
  • Additional Features: Grip tred
  • Pros: Good for multiple outside conditions
  • Cons: Not waterproof

adidas Terrex Two Flow is made to transition seamlessly from a regular road to a tougher terrain. The key to that is in the dynamic support, which has some cushioning for comfort but not so much that you can’t move freely.

adidas trailrider

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Shoes

Best adidas Trail Shoes for Women

  • Size Range: W5-11
  • Colorways: Orange and white; lime green; core black and red
  • Materials: Boost midsole; Lightstrike cushioning
  • Pros: More of a hugged feeling from a narrow construction
  • Cons: Not waterproof

The adidas Terrex Speed Ultra is one of the best walking and running shoes for women doing either activity in the great outdoors. The Lightstrike cushioning delivers just the right amount of response while keeping the feet stable on the ground. As opposed to a unisex sneaker, these are built a bit more narrow to fit a smaller proportioned foot. Run, jog, and walk — these shoes can handle all speeds.

adidas Speed

CREDIT: adidas

adidas Racer tr21 Shoes

  • Size Range: M6.5-14
  • Colorways: Core black and white; gray; camo; white; navy; and more
  • Materials: Primegreen; Cloudfoam midsole; rubber outsole
  • Pros: Lightweight
  • Cons: Not super protective

The adidas racer tr21 is one of the best walking shoes for men, thanks to its comfortable Cloudfoam midsole and grippy rubber outsole. Keep these for lower-stake outdoor walks where you know the terrain, and the weather is nice. They make an especially good shoe for travel. Wear them on the plane with a pair of joggers and right off of it for exploring.

What Reviewers Say: “Great fit! Excellent to walk in, feet stay cool and comfortable.”

adidas racer

CREDIT: adidas

Meet the Author

Christine Flammia writes about style, grooming, and more; she is the former associate style editor of Esquire and is currently pursuing a PhD in communications at Columbia. When Flammia is not at school, she can be found in the gym testing the latest and greatest workout sneakers, especially from adidas.

Meet the Expert

Josh Barringer is an ultrarunner based north of Squamish, British Columbia. A former Arc’teryx athlete and employee, he was instrumental in the development of the now-legendary Norvan LD and LD 2 trail shoes. Among other adventures, Barringer has completed a month-long run in Tasmania, all with handmade gear, and a run along the famous North Coast Trail on northern Vancouver Island. His essay on the latter adventure, “Razed in the Wild,” was published in Sidetracked. Barringer plans to tackle his tenth 100-mile trail race later this year. “The only time I run on the road is when I cross the street to get to the trail,” Barringer jokes.

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