2023 World Championship of Shoemaking

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The 2023 World Championship of Shoemaking has been brought to life even more so by the fantastic video that Kirby Allison put together at the London Super Trunk Show of May 2023.

Kirby does a great job bringing to life what we cannot do as we host the event, Jesper of Shoegazing and I, so we are forever grateful and thank you to Kirby for making this happen in order to share this great event with the rest of the world. The 2023 World Championship of Shoemaking brought a whole new level of creativity and craft and we can only hope that 2024 will bring even more!

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It is a long video but well worth the watch if you are interested to see in video-form the top 10 shoemaker’s shoes along with interviews from the top 3 shoemakers and past winners as well.

Stay tuned as this event grows and grows and if you haven’t seen it already make sure to save the date for the NY Super Trunk Show, happening this Oct 14th, 2023 in NYC!

See Kirby Allison’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@kirbyallison

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