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If there is anything particular that adidas sneakers are born to do, it’s to take hold of wardrobes as some of the best walking shoes. That’s because much of the brand’s energy and resources go into innovation for fabrics and structures — designed to disperse running impact — which makes them perhaps overqualified for your standard walking journey.

Since 1949, adidas has pioneered shoes for all physical activities, from casual walking to full-on professional athletics. The brand has made some of the best walking shoes for women and the best walking shoes for men, including the uber-popular Ultraboost 22s. adidas’ shoes like the Ultraboosts and ​​Solarglides are some of the best running shoes that are good for walking. Plus, you can find more stylish elements in these shoes than in many other active shoes.

This combination of style and innovation is what keeps adidas’ hold on the sneaker industry alive. For example, take their Ultraboosts with the brand’s signature Boost midsole. The little TicTac-looking pellets that make up the midsole are so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget that these changed how people and brands conceptualized running sneakers. Additionally, before the Boost launched in 2013, most brands designed their shoes with EVA foamed midsoles, which didn’t provide as much return on impact and, in the end, wore down over time. Today, adidas constantly tinkers with its stretchy Primeknit uppers and how it can sustainably source materials, like recycled textiles and Parley for the Ocean plastics.

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Top adidas Walking Shoes of 2022

What to Look for in the Best adidas Walking Shoes

  • Proper cushioning: “For shorter walks on even terrain, look for cushioned shoes,” says Dr. Dan Geller, a sports podiatrist and Kane Footwear advisor. “They should also be light and have an easy transfer of weight from heel to toe.” Meanwhile, your footwear should have extra cushion and support if you’re headed out for a long walk (consider these about three miles or more).
  • Responsive sole: If you walk on rugged and unforgiving terrains like concrete, look for a shoe with the right midsole response, as it will be easier on your feet, knees, and back. For example, something like the Boost support will work overtime to help your joints. If you’re spending less time on concrete and more indoors and carpet, you can get away with less attention to that stride response.
  • Arch support: If you deal with foot pain and ailments, and walking is your preferred exercise method, New York-based podiatrist Dr. Jacquelyn Sutera recommends wearing sneakers with arch support. That’s why shopping for walking shoes for high arches or walking shoes for plantar fasciitis will help prioritize your pain minimization. Fellow New York-based podiatrist Dr. Parker M Gennett says walking shoes should also have “a stiff heel counter, firm, protective sole and torsion stability,” adding that “if you can twist the shoe like a pretzel, it’s probably not a good option.” If you have flat feet, look for sneakers with stiffer elements such as insoles and orthotics. Your best bet is to test out shoes to find which gets your foot in a neutral position and, maybe even more importantly, feels comfortable for you to wear.
  • Fabrics: For more athletic types of walking or hiking, look for materials like adidas’s Primeknit, which is on its 4DFWD 2 shoes. They are flexible enough to fit comfortably still as your feet swell, which they do when you’re getting your steps in. Some of adidas’s other shoes, like adidas Superstars or adidas Stan Smith Shoes, are made with a primarily leather upper, which stretches over time but isn’t quite as forgiving step to step.
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adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 Shoes

Best Overall 2022 Release for adidas Walking Shoes

  • Size range: 5-11
  • Colorways: White; black; gray; dark gray; and more
  • Materials: Memory foam, Cloudfoam
  • Pros: Great cushioning
  • Cons: Not as durable as some of the other picks

What Reviewers Say: “These shoes are great! I wanted something simple and a bit casual. I am using these for the gym and for casual use around town and whatnot. They fit nicely, and they don’t break the bank.”

Dr. Geller likes adidas Cloudfoam Pure 2.0 for its cushioning and overall feel. “The adidas Cloudfoam shoes are an excellent choice with a sock-like upper for a secure snug fit,” he says. “They have great cloud memory foam cushioning for walking as well.” These were made for women’s feet with a knit upper and midsole cushioning for everyday wear and walking.

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Adidas Cloudfoam

CREDIT: Adidas

adidas Ultraboost 22 Shoes

Best adidas Shoes for Running and Walking

  • Size range: Women’s 5-12; Men’s 5-18
  • Colorways: Black; white; black and white; black and gray; white and green; white and orange; navy and gray; and more
  • Materials: Primeknit, Boost, rubber
  • Additional features: 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester
  • Pros: Ton of color options
  • Cons: Pricey

What Reviewers Say: “This is my third pair of Ultraboosts. They are my favorite shoes, the most comfortable and the most futuristic. I really enjoy the comfort. I can wear them all day when I’m on my feet and not be in pain at the end of the day.”

adidas Ultraboost 22s is one of the best adidas shoes for running and walking, Dr. Geller agrees, “These shoes provide excellent stability, responsive midsoles for shock absorption and sock-like snugness.” They’re best known for their standout forefoot bending combined with an equally supportive heel, a feature usually overlooked in a sneaker.

Adidas Ultraboost 22

CREDIT: Adidas

” price=”$190″ target=”_blank” button_type=”default”/]

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adidas Stan Smiths Shoes

Best adidas Walking Shoes for Travel

  • Size range: Women’s 4-14; Men’s 4-14
  • Colorways: White and green; white; white and blue; white and red; white and black; black; off-white; and more
  • Materials: Vegan leather, rubber
  • Pros: A ton of rotating color options; inexpensive
  • Cons: Narrow fit; need some wear to break in

What Reviewers Say: “I own 5 pairs in various colors and will undoubtedly buy more. This shoe is classic looking, extremely comfortable, durable, and make me feel good when I’m wearing them. Love this shoe and have never, ever, ever had a single problem with a pair.”

adidas Stan Smiths are one of the most iconic shoes of all time, let alone one of the best sneakers from the brand. The Stan Smith launched in the 1960s as a tennis sneaker and was rebranded for the eponymous tennis player and rose to fame in the ’70s. The once-tennis sneaker is now a staple among the fashion set, city dwellers, and more.

Stan Smith Shoes with Swarovskir crystals White FX7482 01 standard 1

CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

adidas Supernova 2 Shoes

  • Size range: Women’s 5.5-11; Men’s 6-14
  • Colorways: White; black; white and black; neon green; gray; pink; white and blue
  • Materials: Boost, TPU
  • Additional features: Padded tongue and heel; made with a lower carbon footprint than 2020 Supernova
  • Pros: Grippy outsole for running on rough terrain
  • Cons: Size runs small

What Reviewers Say: “I absolutely love these shoes, as they fit so good, both padded tongue and heel patch are comfortable. I use them for easy, long runs. First run in them, I did 25km and they were so comfortable, easy on foot and I definitely recommend them! Only one thing to take attention is size, they are too small and bigger size is must.”

After 30 years of research, testing and reviewing, adidas dubbed this sneaker the Supernova because it was built for long-distance comfort. Today, adidas’ Supernova 2s are the epitome of cushiony running sneakers that are good for walking, too. The midsole is made with both Bounce and Boost materials, making it responsive but hyper comfy. The outsole is made to be grippy on slippery or uneven ground.

Adidas Supernova 2

CREDIT: Adidas

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adidas Sambas Shoes

  • Size range: Men’s 6.5-14
  • Colorways: White and black
  • Materials: Synthetic leather, suede, EVA, rubber
  • Pros: Grippy outsole
  • Cons: Few color options; some report issues with inconsistent arch support

What Reviewers Say: “Excellent shoes for those who need versatility from their shoes. I love the treads on the sambas. They provide excellent grip when outdoors but are also flat, which suits my needs for the style of kung fu that I practice. The black color matches with everything, and the rubber sole is dark, blending in easily.”

adidas Sambas are having a huge resurgence right now, thanks to their sporty and stylish appeal. Plus, this unisex style has recently been shown on celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and more. They’re actually soccer sneakers, but you don’t need to put your feet anywhere near a ball to pull them off. Although, the adidas Samba’s history of athletics speaks to their comfort, durability, and support for walking.

Adidas Samba

CREDIT: Adidas

adidas Superstars Shoes

  • Size range: Men’s 4/Women’s 5-Men’s 19/Women’s 20
  • Colorways: White; black; white and black; navy; off-white; light blue; white and yellow; white and green; white and blue; white and orange; and more
  • Materials: Leather; textile; rubber
  • Additional features: Rubber shell toe
  • Pros: Made in part with recycled content generated from production waste, e.g. cutting scraps, and post-consumer household waste
  • Cons: Shell toe not as flexible for lots of walking

What Reviewers Say: “adidas always makes great shoes. I’ve owned many adidas over the years, and these SuperStar shoes are the softest shoes I’ve had. There is more flexibility in the sole, and the top materials seem more pliable than before. I’m very appreciative that adidas has improved the quality of the materials they use in their shoes.”

adidas Superstars are a longtime classic when it comes to style and comfort. Superstars were originally designed for basketball in the 1970s, but they have come to be a streetwear staple. They wear similarly in look and feel to a Stan Smith, but with a little more of a sporty vibe to them.

Superstar Shoes

CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas.com

adidas NMD V3 Shoes

  • Size range: Women’s 5-11; Men’s 5-14
  • Colorways: White; black; gray; off-white; purple; beige
  • Materials: Boost, mesh, rubber
  • Additional features: Yarn upper made with recycled plastic and polyester
  • Pros: Great for all types of walking
  • Cons: Some report heel tab is scratchy; not great ankle support

What Reviewers Say: “They’re lightweight without being too sock-like. The wide base makes for fluid movements and the laces don’t come untied. The tops don’t squeeze my arches. Perfect stylish work shoe!”

The adidas NMD V3 is a new take on the NMD_R11, one of the brand’s top sellers for casual sneakers. It has a Boost midsole with classic NMD plugs for a cool, everyday style. It’s also made partly with Parley Ocean Plastic, so you can feel good about wearing them seven days a week.

Adidas NMD V3

CREDIT: Adidas

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adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes

Best Timeless adidas Walking Shoes

  • Size range: Women’s 4.5-12; Men’s 4-18
  • Colorways: White; off-white; gray; black; blue; pink; navy; multicolor; and more
  • Materials: Primeknit, Boost
  • Additional features: 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic and 50 percent recycled polyester
  • Pros: Both bouncy and flexible
  • Cons: Pricey

What Reviewers Say: “I love these shoes SO MUCH. They are so comfortable. I run faster in them. They are dream.”

The adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA is adidas’s recommended choice for walking shoes. They have a bouncy Boost sole that’s easy on the feet and ankles for wearing all day. Plus, the upper is stretchy to help minimize uncomfortable rubbing and blisters when out and about all day.


CREDIT: Adidas

If hiking boots are too chunky for your liking, opt for adidas’ Terrex Freehiker shoe. It’s a solid choice to properly protect your feet while hiking or trail walking, plus, they’re nice and roomy, so you can wear a thick sock that will keep your feet warm on cold mornings. This style also features a Continental rubber outsole that that lets you hike with reliable traction while the top cap protects your toes from rocks and uneven surfaces.

What Reviewers Say: Sizing on these seems like it might depend on your foot width especially. “Shoes is really good for people who has small and very thin foots but it’s not a fit model for people who has a wide or medium wider foots.”

The adidas Puremotion Adapt is an excellent option for keeping near the door as a quick stop before heading out for errands or to walk the dog. The laceless design is a fun way to change up your daily sneaker and provides less hassle since you can slip right into it. Some reviewers report the upper may feel tight on your first wear, but not to worry since it will loosen up once broken in.

What Reviewers Say: “The ASMC Solarglide sneaker has a nice orange-red combination. The shoe is comfortable for everyday athletic wear and walking. I love the comfort of the wide-toe bed. I usually wear size 10 but could size down to 9.5 and create a more snug fit with the inner sock feature.”

If you love the effortlessly cool factor of designer sneakers and want the same feel in your walking sneakers, then this shoe is for you. The adidas by Stella McCartney Solarglide is McCartney’s latest take on the sneakers brand. She took the running shoe and did it up with vegan materials and a bio-based EVA. That EVA makes up the standout detail of these shoes, which is that speed cage. It’s a fashion-forward take on a favorite performance shoe.

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